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CALL for ENTRIES: Indie Grits

2014 November 25

Learn more about the Indie Grits Film Festival!simple

I have grits for breakfast 3+ days per week.  I have a favorite brand of organic, non-GMO grits that never cease to inspire.  On a busy morning, it is scrambled eggs over the top of cheese grits.  The next morning, the refrigerated left over grits are cut into cakes that are sauteed and used as the base for Eggs Benedict.  This morning it was Charleston-style milk grits with a poached egg & chorizo.  There is no end to the independent spirit of this simple staple.  This next Call is an inspiration of grits proportions as well.  Take a look…

Check out this Call for Proposals from the Nickelodeon Theatre for the Future Perfect themed Indie Grits Film Festival.  Entries/Proposals ARE NOT limited to film.  No entry fee either.  Don’t pass this one by…

Learn more about the Indie Grits Film Festival!CALL for ENTRIES: Indie Grits


THEME:  Future Perfect.  What is Future Perfect? It is the new southern city, urban design for tomorrow in a technological environment, cars that drive themselves, plastic biology, thought-controlled machines, seeds that produce sterile offspring, invisible cities, roads that drain the sun, utopian daydreams, eminent domain, an electric imagination, drones, highly efficient minimalism, living architecture.  Future Perfect is what we will make it.

ELIGIBILITY:  Open to all artists with a connection to the Southeast United States.  It is up to each applicant to make an argument for a valid connection.

MEDIA:  ALL disciplines of art are acceptable: painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, sound, video, installation, mixed-media, etc. Artwork can be pre-existing, but it must have a connection to the 2015 theme of Future Perfect. In the application each artist must describe how their proposed work ties into Future Perfect.

DEADLINE:  December 5, 2014

NOTIFICATION:  January 16, 2015


AWARDS:  The Indie Grits Film Festival is a program of the Nickelodeon Theatre, a non profit  with a tight budget; please mke an effort to hold down costs.  They will select 15-25 artists/collaborations.  Projects will receive $50 – $1000 with most being on the low end of that spectrum.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more about the Indie Grits Film Festival!

CALL for ENTRIES: 18th Woman Made

2014 November 24

Learn more from the Woman Made Gallery!BACON

The creativity of food preparation has fundamentally changed on a mainstream level in the past 20 years.  A larger segment of the population cooks with abandon now.  The great divide between foods destined to be either savory or sweet seems to have slowly disappeared.  Chocolate is as likely to show up in an entree as bacon is to show up in a dessert.  This next Call encourages you to explore and challenge boundaries presented by both materials & concepts.  Take a look…

Check out this Call for Entries from the Woman Made Gallery (Chicago, IL) for their 18th Int’l Open.  This is a special gallery with a fantastic history of well-curated shows, and I have a soft spot for this year’s juror.  Do your homework, ladies…

*Editor’s Note: If you have read the personal portion of this post, CALL for ENTRIES: 18th Woman Made, anywhere other than by email subscription or on, it has been published without permission and is considered theft.

Learn more from the Woman Made Gallery!CALL for ENTRIES:
18th Int’l Open


ELIGIBILITY:  Open to all female artists

MEDIA: All themes, styles, and media will be considered– explore & challenge conceptual & material boundaries!

DEADLINE:  November 28, 2014

NOTIFICATION:  December 17, 2014

ENTRY FEE:  $30 for up to 3 images

JUROR:  Gill Gatfield has MFA & Bachelor of Laws from Auckland University.  In 2011, she won a major national public art competition for a site-specific sculpture in Auckland NZ.  In 2012, she was nominated as a member of Global Women, a multi-sector organization of women leaders with global perspectives.  A monograph on her practice, ‘Abstract Figure: Gill Gatfield,’ was released at the 2013 International Sculpture Centre Symposium.  Gatfield’s work blends abstraction with conceptualism, and contemporary with classical. Trans-disciplinary in approach, she uses diverse media to create interconnected series of texts, frames, and monochromes. Her work is held in collections in NZ, Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Germany and Switzerland. *Many of you are slacking off on doing your homework on jurors.  Don’t skip this step!

AWARDS: 1st Prize:  Solo Show in 2016 at WMG; 2nd Prize: $500 ; 3rd Prize: $250

SALES:  WMG will retain a 40% commission

For complete details, Download the Prospectus!Download the Prospectus from Woman Made Gallery!


CALL for ENTRIES: tiny art show

2014 November 23

Learn more about The Tiny Art Show!tiny

I am fascinated by small food & small restaurants.  There is something special about the smallest of goodies served in the smallest of places.  One automatically assumes great care has been taken because you have less real estate literally & figuratively to make an impression.  Sel et Gras in NYC was always on my list to try, but I heard it closed.  Do you have any suggestions I should try?  I suggest you  take part in this next study in tiny art.  This could be a good opportunity for some of you.

Check out this Call for Entries from the Pitt County Arts Council (Greenville, NC) for The Tiny Art Show at Emerge Gallery & Art Center.  If you are looking to add a line to  your resume from a legitimate arts organization, this is a great resource.  Take a look…

*Editor’s Note: If you have read the personal portion of this post, CALL for ENTRIES: tiny art show, anywhere other than by email subscription or on, it has been published without permission and is considered theft.

Learn more about The Tiny Art Show!CALL for ENTRIES:
tiny art show


ELIGIBILITY:  Open to all artists

MEDIA:  Open to all artwork no larger than 5″ x 5″ x 7″.  (*Editor’s Note:  This is an ideal call for artists needing an extra line on their resume that happen to work on paper or any other lightweight, easily mailable media.)

DEADLINE:  Arrive by January 29-31, 2015.

NOTIFICATION:  All hung.  However, the staff has the right to reject any work for work sized wrong or inappropriate subject matter.


SALES:  Work must be priced at either $5 or $10.  If the “juried” box is checked on the inventory sheet, the work may be juried and MAY be repriced to be $25 or $50 by Emerge Gallery.  50% commission will go to the Pitt County Arts Council (Greenville, NC); however,  they would also appreciate any additional support through a complete sale donation if the artist so chooses.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more from the Pitt County Arts Council!


2014 November 19

Learn more about Featured Artist painter Roopa Dudley!PIE PLEASE,
hold the humble

The upcoming holidays are supposed to be about giving thanks for the people & privilege in your life.  But I have found over the years that many artists equate it with rejection, and women equate it with guilt and fat shaming, gallery directors equate it with budget anxiety.  I equate it with special foods, reflections of how AAAD has grown, wonder at how large my child (& my food budget) has grown.  Instead of dwelling on humble pie this year.  Let all resolved to just do us.  Lets resolve to quit chasing approval and just do us.

This month’s artist faced her own devastating rejection and still found a way to build a life and a love for painting despite that reject.  Now, she just does what she does.  In the end, her audience found HER.

Learn more about Featured Artist painter Roopa Dudley! is proud to claim Roopa Dudley as this month’s Featured Artist.  This work spotlights whimsy and clever visual turn-of-phrase. These images are, in the artist’s own words, Epicurean.  And, we would call that simply perfect timing


Roopa Dudley


Roopa Dudley moved to the U.S. in 1988.  She studied Commercial Art for two years.  In 1999, she graduated from Florida International University with a BA in Humanities and a minor in Art History and Psychology. She wanted to pursue her Master’s in Fine Arts as a Studio Artist but was not accepted in the MFA program–a devastating blow.

Help Mate by Featured Artist Roopa Dudley!She moved to Maryland in 2000 after she accepted a job in NSA as a Urdu Translator where she received not one but two cracked-iced awards for excellence in Urdu – a highly coveted award bestowed only to the few, the brilliant, the World Class Linguists.

In February 2012, Dudley was laid off. Heartbroken, she took it as a calling to go back and pursue her passion in painting. She first switched from Oils to Acrylics and started painting in saturated colors.  Secondly, she added a purpose behind her paintings – a story that a viewer could see, feel and understand–dark humor that would appeal aesthetically as well as intellectually.

Since joining the Maryland Federation of Art her paintings have been exhibited in several Art Galleries all over Maryland have appeared in newspapers and art publications both locally & nationally.

Are you self-taught or formally instructed?   “I have a BA in Humanities, Psychology and Art History. I took Advanced Painting at FIU which was my first and last painting course I ever took in college setting.  I wanted to get into MFA program in Studio Painting but I got rejected–a huge disappointment.”

House Mate and Team Mate by Featured Artist painter Roopa Dudley!Talk to me about your process. Are your paintings meticulously planned or are they more spontaneous? “I am meticulous when it comes to creating just about anything with my hands. My paintings are deliberate and…

Work Mate by Featured Artist Roopa Dudley!There is no room
for ‘happy accidents’. 


The idea comes to me fully rendered and it is a painful process for me as it requires time and perseverance to get each painting finished exactly the way I envisioned it. On the positive side I know what I want to achieve each time and then I go after it will full force without getting sidetracked or distracted.”

Why does your work focus on chess? Why not faces, animals or even architectural elements. I know you have a love of playing chess but why make ALL your recent work chess-based?

“Most artists I know like to paint faces, figurative work, landscapes, floral, still life and abstract. I used to enjoy doing portraits and figurative work too.  Then one day in summer of 2011 I woke up and created my first Chess themed painting and loved it. It was different and delightful to look at. Turned out that I was not the only one who loved it. It was immediately bought by a collector. I soon realized that Chess is not one of those subjects that most artists use regularly in their paintings so I claimed it as my own.

Chess Nut Tree  by Featured Artist painter Roopa Dudley!“I used to play chess growing up and have been obsessed with the game for years.”


“I never got good enough to win a championships. I grew up thinking that I wasted a lot of time playing chess the way most teenagers play video games these days. Well, it turns out that what I believed to be a waste of time was actually turned out quite useful as it helped me formulating concepts which I regularly implement now in my art. The only time I don’t use Chess in my art is when I take on commissions. It makes me feel as if I am missing something vital when I do that and therefore I am not keen on taking commissions.”

Most artists have something to say, and you explain that your work tells a story. Tell me the story or stories behind the “mate” series — work mate, team mate, house mate…

Roxane's Room by Featured Artist painter Roopa Dudley!“My paintings are visual satires.  Before I decided to become a painter, I worked as an Urdu language translator for the NSA;  I loved that job as much as I love to paint.  I have deep appreciation for English language and have a passion for the vocabulary, the poetry & literature. I am seduced by the extensive vocabulary that defines everything real or imagined precisely by simply adding, subtracting and shifting letters left and right. I find this process delightful and amusing. So I took a Chess themed suffix ‘mate’ (as in check mate) and exploited it by contemplating all kinds of compositions visually.  I made visual commentaries for the chosen ‘mate’.  The series is far from over –I still have to create images for ‘Stale-Mate’ and ‘Consummate’. So stay tuned!”

The world is your Oyster by Featured Artist painter Roopa Dudley!What style or school of art do you think work fits into?  “My work is Surrealist, Conceptual, Art Deco, Representational as well as Geometric.  It is the opposite of Minimalistic. I a new term for this type of work– ‘Epicurean’, Art that Delights.  I find it in a way symbolic of America as it is considered a melting pot. I find Americans IMHO to be very attractive because they have so many races and cultures all blended in them like a potent protein rich smoothie.  That is my art –delicious to look at, it nourishes your mind & soul. More than what meets the eye.”

Is there any artist, living or dead, that has most influenced your work?  “I am heavily influenced by Rene Magritte, M.C Escher, Tamara De Lempicka, Frida Kahlo, Paul Gauguin and Salvador Dali.”  Ah, now that you have mention it, I can easily see the Kahlo, Ganguin & Escher.

Chess Knight Martini by Featured Artist painter Roopa Dudley!What if your favorite food? After all, it IS a food-themed blog? “I love Thai & Italian food. I regularly cook South Asian dishes for my husband that he likes. I enjoy drinking buckets full of coffee and have a sweet tooth for Toffee.” I have a fantastic Thai port meatball recipe that you’ll love!

How about snack foods? “I like to snack on fresh fruits. Sour Raspberries, Honey Crisp Apples, Sour Oranges, Sweet Blackberries, Bananas, Juicy Pineapples and Sour Kiwi are my favorite fruits.  Raw Broccoli, Celery Sticks with Crispy Hot Spicy Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese is my guilty pleasure.” Fruits & veggies as snack food?  You really are making me look like a glutton now, ha.

What’s coming up next for you?  “The sky is not the limit for me. I am working on my Cosmos series. I want to reach for the stars and beyond. I have a lot of ideas sketched out that are waiting to become paintings.”

Thank you, Roopa, for rebounding from rejection.
We would have really missed your contribution.

Learn more about Featured Artist painter Roopa Dudley!

If you’re interested in becoming a Featured Artist,
Click to Learn How!

CALL for ENTRIES: Seeing the Land

2014 November 13

Learn more from!tired

Living off the land is labor-intensive & complicated.  As my husband I began planning for gardening our own little plot of land, my head swims with seed varieties, planting schedules, crop rotation, organic pest control, bee pollination  & seed preservation.  The advantages of having an agricultural degree is all too clear now.  And then there is the livestock–goats and sheep and chickens.  Farm country looks a little less serene to me now when they whiz past my window on car trips.  But when I fall asleep, I still dream of fresh beets, cabbage & carrots.  Wrong–I know.  This next Call wants to know how YOU see the land.  Take a look…

Check out this Call for Entries from (online) for Seeing the Land — a landscape photography show.  The entry fee is as little as $15, and the prize packages are fantastic.  Don’t miss the opportunity…

*Editor’s Note: If you have read the personal portion of this post, CALL for ENTRIES: Seeing the Land, anywhere other than by email subscription or on, it has been published without permission and is considered theft.

Learn more from!CALL for ENTRIES:
Seeing the Land


ELIGIBILITY: All artists age 18+

MEDIA: Landscape Photography

THEME:    The work can interpret the various conditions of the land of our earth, its beauty, mans impact on it, a mythological view, spiritual feeling or the disruption to it by nature.  The work can express any aspect of the land from beauty to science to fiction as a representational or non-representational image.

DEADLINE: November 17, 2014

NOTIFICATION: November 24, 2014

ENTRY FEE: $15 for 1, $30 for 3, $60 for 7

AWARDS:  1st Place $500 cash & other awards valued at $5200.  2nd place – $125 cash & other awards valued at $1625. 3rd Place – $75 Cash. 4th Place – $50 cash.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more from art-competitions dot net! 2

CALL for APPLICATIONS: Emerging Curator

2014 November 5

Learn more from VisArts at Rockville!stingy

I don’t share well.  I never have.  I like to believe it is an only-child-thing, but I’ll stab your hand with a fork if you get too close to my plate during some dishes–Eggs Benedict, for example.  Just ask my kid; it doesn’t leave marks, but apparently it is memorable, ha.  Regarding this next Call, I need you to be generous and share.  I hope this Call is just the opportunity YOU want.  But if it isn’t, please share it far and wide so that this dream doesn’t go unrealized for someone out there.  Take a look…

Check out this Call for Applications from VisArts (Rockville, MD) for VisArts Emerging Curator Program 2015.  For those of you with curatorial vision but needing additional experience, this is a rare chance to learn with a budget…

*Editor’s Note: If you have read the personal portion of this post, CALL for APPLICATIONS: Emerging Curator, anywhere other than by email subscription or on, it has been published without permission and is considered theft.

Learn more from VisArts at Rockville!CALL for APPLICATIONS:
Emerging Curator


ELIGIBILITY:  Open to all artists

DEADLINE:  December 3, 2014

NOTIFICATION:  December 19, 2014


SELECTION PANEL:  Includes the VisArts’ Curator, Artist Advisory Council, Gallery Committee and 2015 Mentoring Curator

AWARDS:  VisArts will provide the Emerging Curator with an exhibition budget of $10,000.  Additional funding and staff support for printing, promotions, and execution of exhibition programming is available.

*I understand that this Call is meant for a very limited audience.  My best hope is that if this opportunity doesn’t speak to your career development that you will kindly share it.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more from VisArts at Rockville!


2014 November 4

Learn more from The Haggus Society!unplanned

Frequently, the most memorable kitchen creations are happy accidents.  As much as I love a list, theme and a plan, sometimes I find myself in a situation that forces me to create a masterpiece from what I have on hand or try something new on the spur of the moment.  My favorite chicken-cheddar-broccoli soup came about as a necessary use of what I could find in the frig.  Now it is a winter menu staple in our house. This next Call is a show that is both un-juried & un-curated, but I KNOW this organization.  It will definitely be a show not to be missed, and you can be a part of it.  Please investigate this one…

Check out this Call for Entries from The Haggus Society (Los Angeles) for The UN Show.  Enter for only $12.50 or FREE if you’re a member.  This is a great resume builder…

*Editor’s Note: If you have read the personal portion of this post, CALL for ENTRIES:  The UN Show, anywhere other than by email subscription or on, it has been published without permission and is considered theft.

Read the Full Call from The Haggus Society!CALL for ENTRIES:
The UN Show


ELIGIBILITY:  Female artists age 40+

MEDIA: Open to 2D work. There is no official theme to this exhibit.  However, works need to be gallery ready, no exceptions.  This location is a family friendly venue; if your work contains explicit nudity, violence or other content not acceptable in a family oriented environment, it will be rejected.

DEADLINE:   Delivered by December 27, 2014.  Please remember to ship in plenty of time due to delays expected during the holidays.

NOTIFICATION:  Ongoing.  This is an unjuried show.  You still need to email a submission of the work you intend to send.

ENTRY FEE:  $12.50 for up to  works.  No fee for Haggus Society members.

SALES:  Suggested donation of 20% back to the Haggus Society for all sales, in lieu of commission.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more from The Haggus Society!