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Rachel Gibson as Peggy Sue low resHi!  I’m R.L. Gibson, your resident blogger & Editor. As a working artist and former arts administrator, I just may be on every gallery and art organization’s mailing list.  And, for years I sent out deadlines for art shows (local, regional, national & int’l) to my friends & colleagues that needed a hand up or a little motivating distraction.

Eat Already!The list of recipients grew over the years to more than I could manage. Every time someone lost a deadline, I would have to pour through old “sent” messages looking for just the right one.   “The List” become so popular that I began to receive requests to be put on the list from people I don’t know in countries I can’t locate.  In addition, I had been searching for a platform to share some of the work, good AND bad, that I trip across everyday.

cupcake250xI finally surrendered “The List” to blog form.  Here I can tag, categorize & archive the ART and ART DEADLINES by date, media, region and bring it to you FREE.

Why the subtitle “Never Let Them See You Starve?”  Because I dislike the term “starving artist.”  I find that starving artists are very often suffering from a sort of motivational anorexia–not starvation.  You can’t succeed if you don’t REALLY try, and the commonness of the term “starving artist” adds to mistaken belief that you can’t be a working artist.  You can.

Here’s to your success!