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CALL for ENTRIES: Facing the Wall

2018 January 25

Learn more about the Facing the Wall exhibit from Art League Rhode Island!

GREEN walls

While on vacation recently, I was having dinner in a restaurant only to see the chef come out and clip herbs off a wall planter in the dining room.  I have a friend that has installed a decorative green wall in their livingroom.  And I know several others that are making vertical gardening plans.  It seems planting vertical not only makes the best use of space, but it is more physically accessible for lots of people for whom bending and stooping are not an option.  Walls of food, how lovely.  This next Call is looking for your work surrounding the idea of walls.  

Check out this Call for Entries from Art League Rhode Island for Facing the Wall at The VETs Gallery (Providence, RI).  $25 entry fee, a great juror & a timely curatorial theme add up to a great opportunity…

Learn more about the Facing the Wall exhibit from Art League Rhode Island!CALL for ENTRIES:
Facing the Wall 
from Art League
Rhode Island

ELIGIBILITY:  Open to all artists 18+

MEDIA: Open to all 2D & 3D media (no video)

THEME:  Walls have delineated nations & cities throughout human history. Walls define what is inside as separate from what is outside, and while this definition . . . invariably includes a defining of identity. Whatever the motivation, walls identify what is within them and what is outside them, placing limits on both. We are now in an era of new walls – walls built on the borders of nations, ideologies, cultural and personal identities. Whether attempting to break through, climb over, dig under, circumvent, use as a canvas, or decorate, artists respond to the walls that confront them. 

DEADLINE:  February 14, 2018

NOTIFICATION:  February 27, 2018

ENTRY FEE: $25 for up to 3.  Note:  If accepted, a $15 ALRI handling fee will be required for each box shipped. 

JUROR:   Julia Samuels of Overpass Projects.  Overpass Projects was founded in 2015 by Julia Samuels and Henry Felton Brown, after the two completed their MFAs at the Rhode lsland School of Design. They practice all forms of intaglio, etching, engraving, photogravure, relief printing, screen printing, lithography and letterpress. Connected to a wide community of artists and designers, they are innovating new ways to bring other disciplines into the print shop and ways to push printmaking out into the world.

AWARDS:  1st Prize $300, 2nd Prize $200 & 3rd Prize $100

SALES:  Art League Rhode Island will retain 30% (members), 40% (non-members) commission on sales.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more from Art League Rhode Island!

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