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CALL for ENTRIES: Vernacular

2017 November 2

Learn more about the Vernacular exhibit from LA Photo Curator!

teenage mutant ninja CHICKENS

My house smells like tom kha gai, a Thai coconut soup with chicken.  It is my personal chicken-noodle equivalent.  My husband bought chicken breast, and I weighed out the pound I needed.  Chicken is ingrained in the food vocabulary of the meat-eating population of the U.S.  We feed our children nuggets & tenders and our families buffalo wings & whole roasters.  But today, my one pound of chicken consisted of ONE boneless breast.  Regardless of how you feel about the ethical, environmental or health issues surrounding meat, you should be afraid of any chicken that has two 1lb. breasts, right?  Isn’t that chicken destined to lead an uprising against factory farmers?  Dude.  If chicken is a part of our food vernacular, then these mutant chickens are the trendy slang that I will be happy to see fade.  This next Call is about the vernacular of you and yours.  Take a look…

Check out this Call for Entries from L.A. Photo Curator (online) for the Vernacular exhibit. $20 entry, no shipping, plus art publication for ALL entrants.   I like the cerebral calls. Think this one through.

Learn more about the Vernacular exhibit from LA Photo Curator!CALL for ENTRIES:
from L.A. Photo Curator

“I’d like the photographers to take a picture that has the elements of a snapshot, something you might find at a flea market, while at the same time including an aspect of their own aesthetic.” –from Paul Kopeikin via

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all artists

MEDIA: Photography

THEME:  Vernacular.  Kopeikin came up with this theme as just having seen the Walker Evans retrospective at SFMOMA, where Evans work, American vernacular, or the language of everyday life found in roadside attractions, postcards, storefronts, and signage across the country stuck out in his memory.  Over five decades, Evans’s powerful images responded to and reflected the spirit, suffering, and fortitude of a nation. His iconic images of the Great Depression and his postwar photo essays depicting shop window displays, urban architecture, and junked automobiles defined a new documentary style that continues to influence generations of artists.  This call is not just about American vernacular. It’s about vernacular in all countries.

DEADLINE: November 12, 2017 (Midnight PST)

NOTIFICATION:  December 10, 2017

ENTRY FEE: $20 for up to 3. 20% of artist fees go to 2 charities –½ to the curator’s choice of charity & ½ goes to the 1st place winner’s choice.  Paul Kopeikin has chosen A Purposeful Rescue.

CURATOR:  Paul Kopeikin opened his Los Angeles Gallery in 1991 and at several locations throughout the City has produced well over 200 exhibitions of vintage, modern and contemporary photography, and to a lesser extent paintings, drawings and sculpture. The Gallery participates in major International Art Fairs and Mr. Kopeikin regularly reviews portfolios for and/or otherwise helps charitable causes, sits on art panels and talks and writes about the subject, primarily now-a-days on social media.  The Kopeikin Gallery is an internationally recognized gallery of photography and contemporary art in the Culver City Arts District of Los Angeles.  Following decades of exploring photography’s history, the gallery program has expanded beyond photography to include painting and works on paper.

AWARDS:  The curator chooses 1st place, 2nd place & 3 honorable mentions. The 1st place winner will receive a review by one or more curators including a Q&A about the photographer’s work. In addition, their image will be on the home page for a month. 2nd place & honorable mentions will have their image shown along with their bio, artist statement, C.V. and a link back to their website.

SALES: All sales are conducted between the artist & buyer.  There is no commission.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more from L.A. Photo Curator!


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