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Artist of the Day: Sima Schloss

2017 August 30
by Artist of the Day Sima Schloss

transparencies (mixed media) by Sima Schloss

“Perhaps we never know someone until we see them
in love, despair or in danger.”
Sima Schloss

At times I feel my life is laid bare before the world.  Because I don’t have faith in the existence of privacy and an excessive desire to control my surroundings, I have beaten everyone to the punch. I have revealed almost everything to be known about me.  Those few crumbs I have kept for myself are dark corners best left unexamined by most. But if Sima Schloss, today’s AAAD Artist of the Day, is right about love, despair & danger, I have nowhere to hide.  I am oddly relieved.  What are you not trying to hide?

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