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CALL for ENTRIES: Beyond the Blue

2017 May 17

Learn more about the Call for Contemporary Cyanotypes from Don't Take Pictures!pumping IRON

For a couple of years of my childhood, I was inexplicably anemic.  I got used to weekly blood draws and iron shots.  The careful planning of my diet to include iron-rich foods became an endless exercise in meat eating.  It took a whole host of nutritionists to convince my father that spinach and seafood and peas and dried fruit were iron rich too.  I still love raisins.  A little extra vitamin C in my diet through citrus fruit allowed my body to absorb the iron, and voilà, my anemia disappeared, never to return.  Those days may have begun my diehard belief in food as medicine.  Iron was a key to my wellness just as iron plays a vital role in the cyanotypes wanted in this next Call.  Take a look…

Check out this Call for Entries from Don’t Take Pictures for Beyond the Blue.  I cannot wait to see this exhibit.  No entry fee. Don’t miss this opportunity…

Learn more about the Call for Contemporary Cyanotypes from Don't Take Pictures!CALL for ENTRIES:
Beyond the Blue
from Don’t Take Pictures


“Sir John Herschel invented the cyanotype process in 1842 by treating paper with an iron-salt solution. As one of the earliest photographic processes, cyanotypes are known for their signature Prussian blue color.  This process is now in revival & contemporary photographers are embracing the blue hues, as well as experimenting with toning techniques for a moody, otherworldly aesthetic . . . [DTP] seeks contemporary cyanotypes that go beyond the blue.” –from

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all artists

MEDIA: Open to photography –cyanotype

DEADLINE:  May 21, 2017

PUBLICATION: May 24 — August 22, 2017


For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more from Don't Take Pictures!

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