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ARTIST of the DAY: Susan Grace

2017 May 29
"Here Kitty Kitty" (oil & charcoal on paper) by Susan Grace

“Here Kitty Kitty” (oil & charcoal on paper) by Susan Grace

“I find that I am an obsessive observer of signs but am increasingly skeptical that I perceive them in the ways intended by those who produced them.” Susan Grace

I am moving my home and downsizing again.  This is the last step on the way to making my family more mobile.   I have temporarily returned to goal-specific formal secondary education, and have just met the end of residential parenting.  My world is shifting.  I look around me for comfort in the familiar, in signs and symbols that the sun will appear once again in the morning.  And, while the sun has yet to disappoint me, it is hard not to feel isolated when you interpret all the signs differently than those around you.  I feel as a stranger in a strange land, like the title of that famous sci-fi novel.  When I read the statement of today’s AAAD Artist of the Day, Susan Grace, I new I’d found a kindred spirit.  Read the statement, browse the work.  Maybe we aren’t strangers after all.

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