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CALL for ENTRIES: Senses working Overtime

2017 April 24

Learn more about the Senses working Overtime exhibit from LAPhotoCurator!all my SENSES

I used to be very visually tuned in to my food.  And, while I still love a beautifully composed plate, I find that the soft give of a melon or the earthy smell of mushroom gills are really what drive my appetite.  I demand more from food these days; I want all the sensations.  This next Call also wants you to use all of your sense.  Take a look…

Check out this Call for Entries from L.A. Photo Curator for the Senses working Overtime exhibit. $20 entry, no shipping, plus art publication for ALL entrants.  Take the sensory challenge presented to help you stretch your creative muscles.  Explore…

Learn more about the Senses working Overtime exhibit from LAPhotoCurator!CALL for ENTRIES:
Senses working Overtime from
L.A. Photo Curator

“One of the first things I talk to my students about is the challenge of experiencing a scene or subject with four or five of our senses and then translating those feelings into a two-dimensional frame and image. I might be standing on a beach, watching a beautiful sunset, feeling the sand beneath my feet, listening to the waves crash and the gulls chirp and smelling the salty ocean breezes, but how do I distill all the sensory information, other than visual, into a photograph?” –from Peter Bennett via

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all artists

MEDIA: Photography

DEADLINE: May 6, 2017 (Midnight PST)

NOTIFICATION: (and opening date) May 26, 2017

ENTRY FEE: $20 for up to 3. 20% of artist fees go to 2 charities per competition –half goes to the curator’s choice of charity & half goes to the first place winner’s chosen charity.  Peter Bennett has chosen the charity Friends of the L.A. River.

CURATOR: Peter Bennett has been a successful travel & environmental photographer for over 25 years and has his work appear in numerous publications and books worldwide. In 2015, he formed Citizen of the Planet, LLC, devoted exclusively to the distribution of his work and stories on sustainability and environmental subjects. Since 2009, Bennett has been teaching at the Los Angeles Center of Photography.  Bennett has been photographing & documenting the Los Angeles River since 2008. His work on the river has been exhibited in numerous recent shows and will be the subject of an upcoming book.

SALES: All sales are conducted between the artist & buyer.  There is no commission.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more from L.A. Photo Curator!



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