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ARTIST of the DAY: Claire Tabouret

2017 March 1
left to right, "Makeup (Red & Purple)" and "Makeup (Red Mouth)" by Claire Tabouret

left to right, “Makeup (Red & Purple)” and “Makeup (Red Mouth)” by Claire Tabouret

“It’s what happens between two sets of eyes. How you look at things and how you believe you are looked at by things.  It’s all about power. Voyeurs and viewers are not innocent.  You have a responsibility as a witness.” Claire Tabouret

Whether you act or don’t act, you are responsible.  You are not absolved because you are merely a witness.  Today’s AAAD Artist of the Day, Claire Tabouret‘s work from the series Voyeur vs. Viewer illustrates that visual, that face, that personal acknowledgement of culpability.  Portraiture wins.

Are you a voyeur or a viewer? Find the answer in the work of AAAD Artist of the Day, painter Claire Tabouret!


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