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ARTIST of the DAY: Elizabeth Busey

2017 February 3
(l-r) "Out of Many , One" & "Unforseen" (linocuts) by Elizabeth Busey

(l-r) “Out of Many , One” & “Unforseen” (linocuts) by Elizabeth Busey

“Pay attention to the things that are important.” Elizabeth Busey

Be careful not to let yourself be distracted from the things that really matter to you by the face value of current events.  The linocuts from today’s AAAD Artist of the Day, Elizabeth Busey, are a timely reminder that the planet upon which we are all spinning through the universe requires our attention, our protection.  Pay attention.

Contemplate the beauty of the natural world with the work of today’s
AAAD Artist of the Day, printmaker Elizabeth Busey!



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