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2016 July 12

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Over the past seven years Art& has evolved.  If you haven’t been with us from the beginning, just assume we’ve always been this fabulous.  But if you’ve been reading for 5+ years, well, we’re happy to have had a witness to the transformation.  The fundamental change from rambling, long posts to shorter posts in standard formatting came somewhere around year two, followed quickly by changes to color and imagery.  Last year the branding got more consistent, and the pics grew in size.

Even my taste in food has changed over time. 


This year we have begun to follow through on the art portion of Art& with the #artistoftheday posts, but we still have a lot of work to do.  And the next step is offering additional resources for professional development like grants, purchase awards and residencies –maybe even a guest post or two.

If you want to help, we welcome your suggestions, need your re-posts & shares.  What do YOU need?  On a more personal note, I would welcome your feedback & support.  Seven years is a long time to post opportunities, and the payoffs have been huge on a personal level.  The artists and jurors and gallerists that I have have come to know and love and count amongst my friends and peers remains the biggest and most unexpected gift.  Thank you.  If we don’t know each other, comment or message or email me.  Say hello.  I’m here for, fingers-crossed, years to come.

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