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CALL for ENTRIES: Collaboration

2016 May 16

Learn more about the Collaboration Project at Art Labology!

take two & call me after BREAKFAST

Food as medicine has been on my radar for a decade.  I appreciate the ability to attempt home remedies through food and supplements.  I am not suggesting it is easier, nor am I suggestion it is a solution for all ailments.  But, I am intrigued.  A family history of arthritis, combined with years of a slight addiction to towering high heels, has resulted in massive joint pain in one of feet.  Flair ups are completely manageable with a combination of tart cherries & massive quantities of vitamin C.  Drug-resistant pediatric epilepsy is now often treated by mainstream medicine with a ketogenic diet.  The collaboration between doctors and nutritionists is inspiring. This Call offers you the opportunity to collaborate with writers.  Take a look…

Check out this Call for Entries from Art Labology for a Collaboration project between visual artists & writers.  No entry fee & possible art publication.  I like this opportunity…

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Learn more about the Collaboration Project at Art Labology!CALL for ENTRIES: Collaboration
from Art Labology


“Art Labology’s latest competition is looking for artwork to inspire a short story. Join in a collaboration with writers using your artwork as their inspiration to write a short story.” –from

ELIGIBILITY:  Open to all artists

MEDIA:  Open to “paintings ONLY… that a short story can be based upon. Please, no abstract paintings, sculptures, or photographs.” *Editor’s note:  I clarified the scope of media. & this expanded definition was approved: “representational painting including acrylic, oil, watercolor, digital painting & mixed media (including collage) so long as the work is 2-D & NOT abstract.”  Note, the Call on their site DOES NOT reflect the same definition.  You’re gonna have to trust me.

DEADLINE:  June 15, 2016

NOTIFICATION:  July 20, 2016


AWARDS:  Selected work will be published in a future project. Promotional benefits include a showcase of winners on with a link to your website, social media exposure on Facebook & Twitter, and your artwork in a future book publication.  Art Labology’s gallery is currently viewed in over 90 countries and offers its artists worldwide exposure.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more about the Collaboration Project at Art Labology!


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