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CALL for SUBMISSIONS: 46 Million

2015 November 5

Learn more about the 46 Million Turkeys project from Fireseed Arts Gallery!eat a TATER
save a TURKEY

Sweet potato casserole, and I’m done.  Turkey has never been a part of my family’s holiday traditions.  In fact we are so obsessed with sweet potato casserole with a pecan pie top, we really just eat the rest of the meal as an excuse to consume ridiculous amounts of casserole.  It serves as a side dish & dessert then late-night snack.  We until it is gone.  It takes the four of us about 2 days.  I feel the need to put on stretchy pants just thinking about it.  This next Call is a fun turkey project.  Take a look…

Check out this Call for Submissions from Fireseed Arts Gallery (Framingham, MA) for 46 Million Turkeys, an all-hung project to raise awareness.  No entry fee.  It only costs a single stamp to ship.  If you are stuck in a rut, this is a great way to jump start your creativity…

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Learn more about the 46 Million Turkeys project from Fireseed Arts Gallery!CALL for SUBMISSIONS:
46 Million Turkeys

“The National Turkey Federation estimates Americans eat approximately 46 million turkeys on a single Thanksgiving holiday. Imagine 46 million animals raised, killed, and eaten for one single holiday! Well that’s just it—it’s hard to imagine such a staggering number! The  46millionturkeys project invites members of the community to help create 46 million mini turkeys portraits as a reminder that every single one of those animals was a unique individual.” –from

ELIGIBILITY:  Open to all artists

MEDIA: Open to all media, but restricted to 2″x 2″.  Recycled and/or upcycled materials suggested, but not required.

DEADLINE:  Ongoing until the “46 million” goal is reached.  An exhibit is held each November.  If submissions arrive prior to 11/21/15 –included in THIS YEAR’S exhibit.  If arrives AFTER 11/21/15 –included in next year’s exhibit.


ABOUT the Gallery:  Fireseed Arts is a creative enterprise founded as an incubator for profitable, sustainable, environmental art projects and businesses. We are artists, entrepreneurs and musicians with a passion for preserving and protecting our cultural and environmental heritage.” –from

For complete details, Read the Full Guidelines!

Learn more about the 46 Million Turkeys project from Fireseed Arts Gallery!

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