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CALL for ENTRIES: Sustainable WEST

2013 December 30

Submit your artwork to the $5 Art ContestGREEN
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Truly living green in the kitchen is a touch complicated.  Yes, I can buy locally sourced, sustainable foods.  But, as we work toward designing a  kitchen for the straw bale house we plan to build this year, do I really have it in me to skip out on a traditional stove/oven for a wood-burning or rocket stove/oven?  Not so sure.  But while I’m contemplating it, I can at least submit sustainably-themed work for this next Call.  How about you?

Check out this Call for Entries from Sustainable Silicon Valley for the WEST (Water, Energy, Smart Technology) Summit 2014 (Mountain View, CA). There is no entry fee, so don’t miss this opportunity…

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Learn more about the 2014 WEST Summit!CALL for ENTRIES:
WEST Summit 2014


The WEST (Water, Energy, Smart Technology) Summit presents actions to create long-term regional sustainability and resilience to climate change.

To inspire these actions, SSV is hosting an art exposition with a theme of The Future of Silicon Valley.

You can be that inspiration.

Learn more about the 2014 WEST Summit


ELIGIBILITY: Open to all artists, regardless of location or age

Learn more about the Sustainable Silicon Valley-WEST Summit and Showcase!

MEDIA: A wide variety of art forms and media, such as: paintings, drawings, collage, prints, fiber, ceramics, glasswork, sculpture, animation, digital art, photography, poetry, music, dance or whatever other media you are inspired to use.

DEADLINE: March 19, 2014 (5pm Pacific Standard Time)


AWARDS:  All submissions that are accepted will be displayed in a digital gallery on the Sustainable Silicon Valley website and used in future SSV marketing campaigns.  A smaller collection of selected pieces will be projected digitally during and in between speaker presentations.  A few key pieces, with artist’s consent, will be physically displayed throughout the WEST Summit/Showcase venue. Art will be shown with artist acknowledgment attached.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more about the 2014 WEST Summit

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