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CALL for ENTRIES: Social Justice

2013 December 21

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I don’t really have any major meals to cook during the holidays.  My mother-in-law traditionally makes homemade sloppy joes for Christmas Eve, and my mother cooks a ham and sweet potato cassarole.  Normally I will make a green veggie, but other than that, I’m off the hook.  My mother is 72 years old.  How long do you think the “I’ll bring the zucchini” line is going to work?  Mmmhmm.  I see  massive meal preparation in my near future too–it’s only fair.  But for all the injustices in our creative lives, there is always this next Call…

Check out this Call for Artist Stories: A Social Justice Project.  There is no entry fee, and currently, there is no deadline.  It is just a way for you to share your stories about being a working artist.  Maybe together we can come up with solutions…

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Learn more about the Artist Stories Project!Call for
Artist Stories:
A Social Justice Project


“Despite the flippancy with which starving artist mythology is handled, creative people are legitimately at risk for many social issues.  For example, did you know that there are more uninsured artists than there are among people in the general population?

“We creative people need to combine our efforts and creative gifts to develop sustainable art careers. By posting our written works and short videos that detail our stories, we can create awareness about what it really means to live a creative life.” — taken from Artist Stories blog site

ELIGIBILITY:  Open to all artists

MEDIA:  Stories are to be written or via video, but artists can be from any medium

DEADLINE: None, at the moment

NOTIFICATION:  This project is inclusive, not exclusive


For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more about the Artist Stories Project!

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