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FEATURED ARTIST: David Phillips Hodge

2013 August 1

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Yes, it is the first day of August, and I am judging the JUNE entries to the $5 Art Contest. I will spare you the excuses.   As the hot, rainy days of Summer start winding down, we all need a little peace without boredom.  Beautiful sushi with a wasabi surprise.  Here it is…

This month’s artist works is a painter–now.   I appreciate the contemplative nature of landscape without having to endure another wagon wheel in a wheat field or lone seagull in the sand.  This work is like the intersection of reality and perception.  The message is subtle, but appreciated.

Learn more about Featured Artist David Phillips Hodge!

On behalf of, I am proud to announce the Featured Artist chosen from the June entries to the $5 Art Contest is David Phillip Hodge. I find this work to be…a visual respite but also thought-provoking.




A Missouri native, Hodge began his art career at age 18 at Missouri State University.  After graduating with a BFA, he immediately headed to New York to pursue his other passion, filmmaking, at NYU.  For 30 years, he then ran his own film and television production company, producing and directing everything from political campaign spots, to music videos, to documentaries and commercials.

Painting by Featured Artist David Phillips Hodge!Hodge won numerous awards, including 2 Emmys, 3 Cine Golden Eagles, and a Monitor Award. While in NYC, he also directed Off Broadway theatre.  He is thrilled to have now returned to painting.  His current focus is exploring the emotion evoked through line, shape and color.  The work lies at the intersection between color field painting and representational art—examining the ways in which they co-exist within the same canvas.

Are you self taught or formally instructed?

“Well I graduated with a BFA in sculpture & ceramics. One of my teachers once told me that after graduation you spend the next few years trying to unlearn what you learned in school.” 

Painting by Featured Artist David Phillips Hodge! I’ve had
quite a while
to unlearn
what I learned
in art school.


Your work is very quiet. Is the process as peaceful as the work comes across?  

“I believe the process of picture making IS somewhat peaceful, at least for me.  There is a fair amount of taping, spraying, brushwork, sanding and stencil cutting though.  Also, there is always music playing.”

The connecting aesthetic in your work seems to be landscape.  How landscape and color field work together for you?

Painting by Featured Artist David Phillips Hodge!“Landscape?  I keep coming back to the landscape. It gives me a certain amount of freedom to explore color because the landscape is so recognizable to the viewer.”

Tell me about the painting process for you.  Do you paint from photographs, plein aire  or from memory?  Is your work strictly paint or is their silk screening involved as well? 

Sometimes I work from photographs that I’ve taken or that my wife has taken. And other times I work from memory.  I don’t currently use silk screen  but, that not a bad idea.  Maybe in the future.

Painting by Featured Artist David Phillips Hodge!What style or school of art do you think your work fits into and why?

“I believe my work fits most closely as color field painting. I  coined the word Colorscape to describe my current work.”

You know we have to talk about food. What is your favorite?

“My favorite food changes from time to time or day to day for that matter, but at the present time I would say sushi is my favorite food. Last week I was in the Midwest so it was steak.”   I suspect you are easily bored and just haven’t found your true favorite.  Let me know if that ever changes, David.

Painting by Featured Artist David Phillips Hodge!What about snack foods?

“My favorite snack food is definitely beer.” Best answer ever.  No, really.

So, what’s coming up
next for you?

“I wish I knew.” 

Honesty, not bravado.  Refreshing.

David, thank you for making me take a second look at landscape.  I’ll try to be less dismissive in the future.  Lesson learned…maybe.

Learn more about David Phillips Hodge online!

Learn more about Featured Artist David Phillips Hodge!


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  1. Rene Devlin-Weiss permalink
    August 10, 2013

    Beer? Seriously? No, really, great article. Looking forward to your New York show!

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