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Submit Your Call.

Do you need entries for your art show?

Need entries for your show?  Email your Call following these guidelines:

  • National/int’l shows only (send local/regional link to as msg. to Facebook page) for re-post.
  • Email subject line must BEGIN with DATE of DEADLINE, followed by the name of the Call & the gallery or organization name. (Ex. APRIL 6: Small Plates – AAAD)
  • Please send a link to your Call online.  I rarely consider unposted Calls.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to publish even if you have donated.  For Ex: vanity galleries
  • Donate for priority status.  Most send a $15+ donation via PayPal & then email a request. You can use the button below to donate $20. Send more/less via paypal (to Please note, if we post your Calls & you don’t ever donate, we will eventually cease considering your Calls for publication.  Self-preservation.
  • Please support us on Facebook & Twitter & add a link back from your website.

Sweet. We Can Help.

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