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ARTIST of the DAY: Phyllis Gorsen

2016 July 21
"Between Heaven and Earth" (acrylic) by Phyllis Gorsen

“Between Heaven and Earth” (acrylic) by Phyllis Gorsen

“I focus on how the commonality of
shared patterns connects people”
Phyllis Gorsen


I quietly seek connections among us.  I find solace in subtle cues from the universe that I am not alone.  I find the accidental proof, like universal symbols found in pictorial language, give me the strongest feeling that we can find a way to communicate, eventually.  Today’s AAAD Artist of the Day, painter Phyllis Gorsen, seeks those same connections through pattern.


Find yourself in the patterns of AAAD Artist of the Day, painter Phyllis Gorsen!


ARTIST of the DAY: Anne Blair Brown

2016 July 20
"Good Habits" (oil) by Anne Blair Brown

“Good Habits” (oil) by Anne Blair Brown

“Always go a little further into the water than you feel you’re capable of being in. Go a little bit out of your depth and when you don’t feel that your feet are quite touching the bottom, you’re just about in the right place to do something exciting.” –David Bowie


Art is always an exercise in bravery, in chance, in putting your creativity out to be judged.  The payoff in freedom from the fear of failure and growth through experimentation are immeasurable.  Today’s AAAD Artist of the Day, Anne Blair Brown, has such a great perspective on art sales, testing technique and being brave.  Read more here.


Explore more work by Artist of the Day, painter Anne Blair Brown!


CALL for ENTRIES: Fall Fresh

2016 July 18

Learn more from Fresh Paint Magazine!

un-Spring SPROUTS

Fresh foods are the reward for surviving the Summer heat, right?  But many of my favorite foods are harvested, locally to me anyway, until September or later –watermelon, Brussels sprouts & sweet potatoes.   Here’s a link to finding the harvest schedule for your area.  This next Call is fresh for October publication. Take a look…

Check out this Call for Entries from Fresh Paint Magazine (print & digital) for the October 2016 Edition, from this international independent bi-monthly art magazine based in US and UK . Open to more than painting...

Learn more from Fresh Paint Magazine!CALL for ENTRIES:
Fall Fresh


ELIGIBILITY: Open to all artists 18+

MEDIA: Open to all forms of painting, drawing, art photography, sculpture and mixed media are eligible.

DEADLINE:  August 25, 2016

NOTIFICATION:  September 15, 2016

ENTRY FEE: £30 for up to 2 (approx. $44 USD), £5 ea. add’l (approx. $7.76 USD).

CURATOR: Director & Founder, Bo-Lee Gallery, London – Jemma Hickman

AWARDS: Winning artists will be published in the next digital and print issue of FreshPaintMagazine (October 2016).

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more from Fresh Paint Magazine!

We are PROUD to have Fresh Paint Magazine as a sponsor of AAAD!



ARTIST of the DAY: Hollie Chastain

2016 July 18
(left to right) Neighborhood 1 and 2, collage, by Hollie Chastain

(left to right) Neighborhood 1 & 2, collage, by Hollie Chastain

“I have an affection for a great city. I feel safe in the
neighborhood of man, and enjoy the sweet security
of the streets.” –Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


The one thing for which we all seem to long is feeling safe in the ‘neighborhood of man.’  Now, here, it feels like such an unlikely longing.   Today’s AAAD Artist of the Day, Hollie Chastain, creates glimpses, tiny microcosms of personality, individuality, of comfort.  Welcome home.


Find a place to BE in the collage work of AAAD Artist of the Day, Hollie Chastain!



ARTIST of the DAY: Greg Holden Regan

2016 July 17
"Omnivore Robot" (mixed media on canvas) by Greg Holden Regan

“Omnivore Robot” detail (mixed media on canvas) by Greg Holden Regan

“I wanted to explore how we can consume enough to survive without consuming too much.” Greg Holden Regan


My thoughts are consumed with how small I can live these days.  How little space can I use?  How little stuff do I need?  How liberating would it be?  My current stumbling blocks to small space involve food.  No surprise.  Today’s AAAD Artist of the Day, Greg Holden Regan, addresses consumption using food as the catalyst to start the conversation.


Nourish yourself with the work of  AAAD Artist of the Day,
mixed media painter
Greg Holden Regan!


ARTIST of the DAY: Sunga Park

2016 July 14
"Ilica Street, Zagreb, Croatia" (watercolor) by Sunga Park

“Ilica Street, Zagreb, Croatia” (watercolor) by Sunga Park

“Watercolors taught me about life, because I created tons of failures over repeated attempts.” Sunga Park


With xenophobia rocking every continent these days, I find myself drawn to universal symbols and signs and habits.  I love seeing clotheslines the world over –streetlamps, sidewalks, door knockers.  We are so much more alike than we are different.  The work of today’s AAAD Artist of the Day, Sunga Park, takes me around the world, but the details land me right back on my doorstep.


Take a trip around the world with AAAD’s Artist of the Day, watercolorist Sunga Park!



FREE Resources.

2016 July 12

Enjoy FREE resources from!

Over the past seven years Art& has evolved.  If you haven’t been with us from the beginning, just assume we’ve always been this fabulous.  But if you’ve been reading for 5+ years, well, we’re happy to have had a witness to the transformation.  The fundamental change from rambling, long posts to shorter posts in standard formatting came somewhere around year two, followed quickly by changes to color and imagery.  Last year the branding got more consistent, and the pics grew in size.

Even my taste in food has changed over time. 


This year we have begun to follow through on the art portion of Art& with the #artistoftheday posts, but we still have a lot of work to do.  And the next step is offering additional resources for professional development like grants, purchase awards and residencies –maybe even a guest post or two.

If you want to help, we welcome your suggestions, need your re-posts & shares.  What do YOU need?  On a more personal note, I would welcome your feedback & support.  Seven years is a long time to post opportunities, and the payoffs have been huge on a personal level.  The artists and jurors and gallerists that I have have come to know and love and count amongst my friends and peers remains the biggest and most unexpected gift.  Thank you.  If we don’t know each other, comment or message or email me.  Say hello.  I’m here for, fingers-crossed, years to come.

Check out Art&Art’s new Resources Page!