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Featured Artist Contest.

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Featured Artist Contest

Every month, sometimes every two, we feature the work of an artist–complete with a short interview about their work (and favorite foods), and we link back to the artist’s website so readers can further explore their work.  For examples, check out previous features!

Here at, we understand that competition and opening yourself up to rejection isn’t necessarily for everyone.  So, if you quite ready to jump into the competition, regardless of how inexpensive, learn more about the Artists to Love program!

Tangible Benefits, if you win:

  • The honor of being a FEATURED ARTIST of the MONTH.
  • A permanent link from the post to your website from this site which (PR 4 as of Jan ’14) .
  • Add’l link from the Featured Artist page to your post.
  • Opportunity to be Featured Artist of the Year with an updated post.

Be the Cherry on our Sundae, won't you?

It could be
the best $5 you ever spend:

 Don’t have $5?  Send me a Rejection Letter, and you only have to send $1.

Contest Guidelines:


FEE: Send your $5 entry fee to via PayPal button below.  Don’t have $5? See the Rejection Letter page to enter for $1.  You can choose your payment amount. $5 Entry or $1 Rejection Letter.  This is meant for those that need it. Don’t abuse it, please.

Put your full name & web address
in the notes of your PayPal transaction.


DEADLINE: Last day of each month.

NOTIFICATION:  Featured Artist posted the following month.

Featured Artist Contest

DISCLAIMERS: We reserve the right to publish less often if too few entries.

Email me if you have any questions.

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