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Artists to Love.

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The Featured Artist Contest offers AAAD an opportunity to highlight an artist a month, but it pains us to turn away great artists so often. Here’s our solution…

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Ansley Adams
The Red Horse, Oil Painting by Ansley Adams
The Red Horse
Oil Painting
ADAMS was born in the rural outskirts of Pittsburgh, PA, where she lived before settling in Charlotte, NC. Adams obtained a BA in Art & Education from Wingate University & a MFA in Painting at the University of SC. Her research on objects and the interior is drawn from the emotional memory of solitude and longing that the memory of place or thing holds for her. She is inspired by the desire to express, through ideas of shared experience, the emotional memory that these locations or 'special objects' hold.

FAVORITE FOOD: Mashed Potatoes
Amy Kollar Anderson
Acrylic Painting
Worm Wine, Acrylic Painting by Amy Kollar Anderson
Worm Wine
Acrylic Painting
When not in the thrift stores, you can find ANDERSON collecting bits of plants, rocks & bone in jars. This combination of natural elements & decorative patterns inspire her detailed narrative paintings. A self-proclaimed “crow,” she adorns these images with glazes of metallic & interference paints combined with layers of glitter. She received a B.F.A. from The School of the Art Institute (Chicago) and a Master in Humanities (Fine Arts), at Wright State University. Anderson lives in Dayton, OH, where she also works as Coordinator for Rosewood Gallery.

Martha Carroll
Mixed Media
Beijing Wall, Mixed Media by Martha Carroll
Beijing Wall
Mixed Media
After earning both a BFA & a MS degree at UT Knoxville, CARROLL began her art career as an illustrator. Art direction led her into years of talent & production work. In her second career, Robbins has taught drawing, painting and photography for all levels in public schools.

Carroll's mixed media works demonstrates both her perspective of humanity and the stories associated with objects, people, or landscapes. Currently, she enjoys incorporating her original photography into her mixed media work.

Ione Citrin
Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media
Shahrzad, Acrylic Painting by Ione Citrin
Mixed Media
CITRIN is an avant garde artist whose artistic expression takes fantastic shape through her diverse oil and watercolor paintings, bronze sculptures, found object collages and mixed media assemblages. Her contemporary paintings and sculptures range from abstract to realistic to impressionistic - all visionary interpretations from her imaginative soul. Citrin maintains an extensive exhibition schedule in juried, non-juried, and invitational arts venues.

FAVORITE FOOD: Mediterranean
Theresa Crout
Acrylic, Pastel, Clay & Bacon
Voodoods by Theresa Crout!
CROUT paints, sculpts & creates obsessively in any media & location. Best known for her voodoods (based on New Orleans voodoo dolls), her paintings & sculptures are dark & whimsical. They give something back to the viewer every time.

Crout is also the architect of The Kitchen Project, a blog documenting art made from whatever is in her kitchen & cockadoodledoodles, a series of daily cartoons. Every. Single. Day. Her work speaks for itself--inspires & delights.

FAVORITE FOOD: Peanut Butter
Roopa Dudley
Self Actualized Pawn 2013 by Painter Roopa Dudley
Self Actualized Pawn
DUDLEY is an American Artist/Painter who likes to create Chess themed paintings because she is obsessed with Chess. While not very good at playing it, Dudley enjoyed it all her life so incorporating Chess in her paintings seems a logical and the next best thing to do. Dudley explains, "The Paintings I create are to appeal visually as well as intellectually. The goal of my paintings is not only to delight but to have a deep and profound dialogue with the viewer."

FAVORITE FOOD: P.F.Chang's Hot & Sour Soup
Megan Elizabeth
Acrylic, Ink & Spraypaint
Jellies, Painting by Megan Elizabeth
The work of MEGAN ELIZABETH reflects an attitude of experimentation, analysis of the elements of accident & a curiosity regarding the beauty created by the transparency & overlapping of ideas. Washes in the paintings, elements of spontaneity & use of collage are fundamental in many of my works. My inspiration comes from waterscapes, sunsets, bright colors in nature & the silhouettes created by extreme light or darkness. Much of my work has been derived from experiences living in Spain, travels in the Caribbean and in Europe & growing up on the east coast of the US.

Susan Gainen
Watercolor/Tinted Gesso Painting
Owl One in Hyperspace Postcard, Watercolor by Susan Gainen
Owl One in Hyperspace Postcard
GAINEN is a Saint Paul (MN) watercolor artist whose prime directive is to spread whimsy. She has taken responsibility for the city’s historical, mythical, and completely imagined wildlife. Since 2006, Susan Gainen has painted hundreds of creatures including the Original Small Friends (70, The Small Friends’ Chronicles), LLLama families (35, Meet the LLLamas), and the Lost Cave Paintings (150+ watercolor and tinted gesso). Wild Parrots (43), Tiny Wild Hummingbirds (50+), and Tall Parrots (20) – all of Saint Paul.

FAVORITE FOOD: Ginger Chili Krispee Treats
R.L. Gibson
Greed by Xerographist R.L. Gibson!Greed: The Hermaphrodite
GIBSON is a nationally-shown artist and happily-married mother of one living & working in the mountains of TN with work in galleries from NY to TX. Gibson works, almost exclusively as a Xerographist, producing layered compositions and then hand-transferring the images resulting in a unique monotype. In addition, Gibson also runs, a fun and quirky, food-themed art blog that offers reviews of emerging artists and FREE Art Deadlines and Calls for Entry.

David Phillips Hodge
Yellow Mountain, Acrylic Painting by David Phillips Hodge
Yellow Mountain
HODGE began his art career at age 18 at Missouri State Univ. Afterward, he headed to NY to pursue filmmaking at NYU. For 30 years, David ran his own production co., producing & directing everything from campaign spots to music videos. David won numerous awards--2 Emmys, 3 Cine Golden Eagles & a Monitor Award. While in NYC, he also directed Off Broadway theatre. David has returned to painting & is exploring emotion evoked through line, shape & color. His work lies at the intersection of color field painting & representational art & how they co-exist within the same canvas.

Gini Holmes
Mixed Media & Print Making
Three Jobs by Gini Holmes
Three Jobs
Embellished Print on Handmade Paper
HOLMES has a BFA in Print Making from Stanford and a Masters of Science in Visual Studies in Art & Technology from MIT.

"Experimenting with new media and combining the traditional with the nontraditional fascinates me. My recent explorations into print making marry inkjet print transfers onto handmade paper (using household products such as hand sanitizer gel, liquid starch and hairspray) with basic textile techniques (embroidery, beading, dying)."

Debra Keirce
Acrylic Painting
Center of Bombay, Acrylic Painting by Debra Keirce
Center of Bombay
Acrylic Painting
KEIRCE pursued a corporate career while building a business painting commissions—found in private collections the world over. Keirce then focused on galleries & museums. Drawn to small format, she began accumulating awards. She prefers urban landscapes & still life with a Trompe L’Oeil & photo-realism influence. Keirce paints, “colors & shapes with little or no regard to the entire subject until the very end of the painting process. One of the joys of painting is being surprised by the hyper realistic compositions that evolve from a very abstract, emotional creative zone.”

FAVORITE FOOD: Any vegetable on the planet!
Gracelee Lawrence
Sculpture, Installation, Performance
Sculpture by Gracelee Lawrence!

LAWRENCE is a sculptor & performance artist from NC currently working in Austin, TX. She exhibited up & down the east coast as well as in KY, TX & MN in 2013. She received the 2011-12 Ella Fountain Pratt Emerging Artist grant from the Durham Arts & the NC Arts Council. In 2012 she exhibited solo throughout central NC. In Dec. 2013 she completed a permanent installation at Rancho Paradiso in Joshua Tree, CA. In 2013 she had 3 solo exhibitions in NC & MN. In 2014, Lawrence has an exhibit at greyDUCK Gallery in Austin, TX.
FAVORITE FOOD: Homemade Grapefruit Marmalade
Terri Lloyd
Digital/Graphic Art
Click to Learn More about Digital Artist Terri Lloyd!Vessels
Digital Art
Exiled to the wilderness of nonconformity, LLOYD has found comfort some place between Zen and the professionally weird. A paper-headed pajama-clad raconteur translating observations and reactions with graphic pun and insinuation, her work continues to venture into the absurdities of socio-political, philosophical and psychoanalytical themes. Or, as she would put it...

"I make art because I am not
a well-adjusted adult."

FAVORITE FOOD: Pasta, any pasta--except those nasty seaweed things.
Laura Mabbutt
Designer/Maker of Felt Objects
Necklaces made from Merino wool & copper piping by Laura Mabbutt
Merino wool & copper piping
MABBUTT has been making felt for 10 years specializing in sculptural wet felt techniques & creating fashion & home accessories & sculptural forms from undyed wools & natural fibers. Her aim is to raise awareness of the material & its natural properties, creating unique, contemporary & desirable objects. Mabbutt's work has been exhibited in many venues including the Mall Galleries, London & The National Centre for Craft & Design. Laura also takes satisfaction in teaching the craft of feltmaking to others & is available for demos & workshops.

FAVORITE FOOD: Veggie Roast Dinner
Dan McCormack
Vera by Photographer Dan McCormack
Pinhole Photography
McCORMACK used a round oatmeal box pinhole camera to create a series of visceral images. Through successive pulling of curves in Photoshop, B&W values are replaced with color. The “Nude at Home” series, began about five years ago.

McCormack photographs the model nude in her home, apartment or studio. With the model in her space, all the objects in the image are a part of the life of the model. Then the pose, the furniture and the long, two minute exposures reveal an intimate portrait of the subject.

FAVORITE FOOD: Blueberries
Stephanie Mead
Mixed Media Painting
Seagulls & Sirens, Mixed Media Painting
Sirens & Seagulls
Mixed Media Painting
MEAD's work is detailed & layered combining mediums & planning in advance. She begins with under-drawings then watercolor. The work becomes more complex & refined; she takes care with final embellishments. Work includes found material, transfers, drawing & other little secrets. Mead draws inspiration from life experience. With a Mexican mother & American father, she was raised in TX & received a BFA in CA. Diversity inspires her work. She takes on grim, underlying political or social issues, but her end goal is dream-like buoyancy. Mead now lives in NY.

FAVORITE FOOD: Key Lime Truffles
Darcy Meeker
Mineral Spirits, Italian Alabaster sculpture by Darcy Meeker
Mineral Spirits
Italian Alabaster sculpture
MEEKER tools copper, creates sculpture in stone, clay, silk, aluminum, and, well, pretty much anything she can get her hands on, and paints, collages and prints on a variety of materials with the same wide-ranging enthusiasm.

Meeker's work is all about flowing line, texture, opaque vs. translucent & figure-ground play. Whatever her medium at the moment, it asks to be touched. It's all about curves & texture, light & shadow. "I’m only interested in work that conveys that kind of sensuous pull."

Gail R. Mitchell
Crystal Illumination Art
CIA15, Crystal Illumination by Gail R. Mitchell
Crystal Illumination
MITCHELL created Crystal Illumination Art to bring the transformative quality of illumination, light & color to the human experience and celebrate its ability to inspire, heal and nourish our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well being. The refractory & reflective light emanate through prisms of crystals stimulating the senses & evoking a visual dimension that captivates viewers. Art is a universal language. Mitchell aspires to continue lighting the way for people to experience this transformative sensory art experience.

FAVORITE FOOD: Just cannot decide
Alice Odilon
Madone au Voile Blanc by Photographer Alice Odilon
Madone au Voile Blanc
ODILON was born in Paris and felt heavily influenced by classical music, ballet dancing and the Masters of painting. At the age of 16, Odilon suffered from anorexia. At 17 she began using a camera to make self portraits. It was simply a way to give her a glimpse inside herself to make sense of the pain with which she struggled to understand.

"Taking action is far better than thinking, for me. Photography saved my life."


Almonds & Carrot Cake
Michael O'Gorman
Perpetual Fluidity, Painting by Michael O'Gorman
Perpetual Fluidity
O'GORMAN is an artist from the United Kingdom who specializes in surreal oil paintings of organic and anthropomorphic subject matter, expressed through a unique 'merging' style. He is obsessed with detail and perfection, and spends many months on a single painting, ensuring that the colour gradients are smooth, that all narratives within a composition blend harmoniously, and – most importantly – that each painting is exciting and rewarding to view!

FAVORITE FOOD: Scones with clotted cream & jam
Kris Rehring
Oil Painting
Kitchenette, Oil Painting by Kris Rehring
Oil Painting
REHRING expresses moments & emotions in human existence that are real. In an ever-increasing digital presence, she strives to share authentic moments that will last beyond the click of a delete button. Her focus is the human figure in both representational & narrative settings--including still life & plein air. A Knoxville resident, she exhibits in nat'l juried shows, often in the southeast. Born in Chattanooga, she was raised in Florida & earned both a BS from The Univ. of Miami (awarded William Oberman Award, best drawing) & a MFA from The Univ. of TN (1990 Artist of the Year).

Evla Vlašičová
Photography & Linocut
Mother, Linocut by Evla Vlašičová
VLASICOVA was born in VIII/1976. Evla Vlašičová lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia. She is the mother of two kids and works in the wood industry.

"I am a self-taught photographer. To create art I use only my hands and heart. The cameras and lenses were the only tools I used to realize my visions. I am now exploring linocuts."

FAVORITE FOOD: Anything my husband makes to eat. 🙂
Shane Watt
Cartography & Illustration
SeahorseCshellcity Detail, Cartography by Shane Watt
SeahorseCshellcity (detail)
WATT makes street maps of fictional cities, encrypted with stories & secrets. They are often based on all the wonderful places he has been and the wonderful places he hopes to go. He wants to explore both the real and imaginary and the links between them. Watt's city maps take on organic forms, much like a bloodstream, clotted with city blocks.

Watt has exhibited internationally, and his work has been featured in online and print publications.

FAVORITE FOOD:Marshmallows
Barbara Witkowska
Poisonous by Barbara Witkowska
Acrylic & Spray Paint on Canvas
WITKOWSKA focuses on humans as an inseparable part of nature --a component of the body cells of the world. Only man becomes as a destructive force of nature. Man, in the process of evolution has achieved the highest level of development, able to create beauty & horror. She explores the world, the antagonism & the contradictory components that determine the order of the world. "The idea of human value intrigues me, the desire for domination & power. I am inspired by the past & present, conscious & subconscious, by a closer look at identity, memory & existence."

June Yokell
The End is Now, Painting by June Yokell
The End is Now
June YOKELL is currently working on paintings of California landscapes creating particular moments in paint of beauty & loss.

"I feel a rootedness to everything about nature;-rushing rivers, tangled bushes and trees, blooming plants & flowers, songs of birds, snow falling in a silent and dark night, the warmth of a summer evening. Early experiences along with my response to nature, to personal relationships and to the world are the ingredients. The presence of memory is the ongoing spice."