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Featured Artist Contest.

Join the Featured Artist Contest on!Orange you glad…

…you found the Featured Artist Contest?
Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

Every month or two, we feature the work of an artist–complete along with an extended interview & a link back to the artist’s website so our readers can further explore their work.  Browse through some previous features!

AAAD’s Featured Artists are chosen monthly from Artist of the Day submissions.  And, if you aren’t interested in competing, learn more about the Artists to Love directory!

Tangible Benefits, if you are chosen:

  • The honor of being a FEATURED ARTIST of the MONTH
  • A permanent link from the post to your website from this site which (PR 4 as of Nov ’15)
  • Add’l link from the Featured Artist page to your post
  • Opportunity to be Featured Artist of the Year with an updated post


Want to be an Artist of the Day?