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2017 November 5

Learn more about Raw The Exhibition from IU Kokomo Art Gallery!

raw FOOD

In a world where so many people are vegetarian or vegan, steak tartar was once the most controversial food conversations one could have.  Now we have so many more choices of things with which to disagree.  If we just stick to raw foods, there are still subgroups like fruitarians, juicearians, or sproutarians which cause heads to metaphorically explode.  The bottom line is that people have the right to determine what goes into their bodies, and what we choose to eat says something about who we are.  We are what we eat, right?  This next Call wants to know the raw truth about you through your work.  This one is personal…

Check out this Call for Entries from IU Kokomo Art Gallery (Kokomo, IN) for Raw: The Exhibition.  There is no entry fee, the media is wide open & the commission rate is low.  If you’re willing to let it hang out, this could be a great opportunity…

Learn more about Raw: The Exhibition from IU Kokomo Art Gallery!CALL for ENTRIES:
Raw: The Exhibition from
IU Kokomo Art Gallery

“Raw” calls for any work which begs the question what is public vs. what is private, work that is auto-biographical in nature, work which functions as confessional, revelatory, cathartic. We are seeking a divulgence, unbosoming, or unburdening; that which you have always wanted to say, to share, to let go.” — IU Kokomo Art Gallery

ELIGIBILITY:  Open to all artists 18+

MEDIA: Open to all fine art media are accepted including: painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramic, glass, printmaking, photography, collage, pastel, video & mixed media.

DEADLINE:  December 1, 2017

NOTIFICATION:  December 15, 2017

ENTRY FEE: No entry fee

CURATOR:  Mary Ade, 2018 IU Kokomo Art Gallery intern

SALES:  Sales are encouraged. The gallery will retain 30% commission on all sales, giving the artist 70%.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more from IU Kokomo Art Gallery!


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