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CALL for ENTRIES: Embracing our Differences

2017 October 16

Learn more about Embracing our Differences 2018!i always need TACOS

I eat SO MANY tacos.  Because I travel so often, I find picking a good restaurant, be it counter service or table, has odds not unlike roulette (37 to 1).  But I have consistently had great tacos, nearly everywhere.  I rarely meet anyone that doesn’t like a good taco.  They are like the great joiners of people.  Aside from being bad eating-while-driving food (due to the mess), I can eat a taco almost anywhere with almost anyone.  Differences seem to disappear.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the answer to embracing our differences was a simple as the ordering from the local taco truck?  It isn’t, but until we find a solution and do the work, this next Call wants your ideas about coexistence.  Take a look…

Check out the Call for Entries for the Annual Embracing our Differences Exhibit in Sarasota, FL. Your work on a billboard, no entry fee & $3000 in awards. Plus, this is a great way to try on public art for size. Don’t miss this opportunity…

Learn more about Embracing our Differences 2018!

Embracing our Differences

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all artists

MEDIA: 2 Dimensional work (photography, digital, collage, drawing, painting, etc.)

DEADLINE: January 9, 2018

NOTIFICATION: Announced online at their website by mid-March, 2018


AWARDS: A total of $3,000 USD will be presented in the form of three separate awards – $1,000 each for “Best-in-Show Adult;” “Best-in-Show Student;” and the “People’s Choice.”

JURY PROCESS: Both “Best-in-Show” awards will be granted by a three-judge panel of art professionals. The “People’s Choice” award will be determined by visitors to the exhibits.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more about Embracing our Differences!


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