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CALL for ENTRIES: Botanik

2017 September 17

Learn more about the BotaniK exhibit from Las Laguna Gallery! best served WARM

I have a tiny refrigerator.  Well, let me re-phrase that.  I have a small (by American standards) full-size refrigerator. When I down-sized to a smaller home in preparation for a more mobile existence, my refrigerator shrank too.  Luckily, my new smaller home & its appliances are located only 5 minutes from the grocery store which is a marked improvement from the 20+ minutes it took before I moved.  As a result, I can now by produce more often & store it outside of my new, tiny-to-me refrigerator, making for fresher, tastier meals.   This next Call wants to know about your botanicals, but they don’t have to be edible.  Take a look…

Check out this Call for Entries from the Las Laguna Gallery (Laguna Beach, CA) for the BotaniK exhibit.  Sales commission is only 25% & $35 entry. Since extra images are only $1, be sure to enter LOTS of work. Don’t miss this opportunity…

Learn more about the BotaniK exhibit from Las Laguna Gallery!CALL for ENTRIES:
BotaniK from
Las Laguna Gallery

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all artists (int’l)

MEDIA: Open to drawing, painting, assemblage, collage, digital art, encaustic, fiber art, illustration, mixed media, new media, photography (traditional & digital), & printmaking.

THEME:  Botanical art

DEADLINE:   October 8, 2017

NOTIFICATION:  October 13, 2017

GUEST ARTIST:  Growing up on a farm & co-owning a nursery for most of her life, Sally Painter has always been surrounded by the beauty of the natural world.  It’s not surprising she turned to nature for inspiration when she took up painting. Flowers & other plants & trees are her favorite subjects.  Sally says, she strives to paint something more than simply a realistic depiction of these subjects. “I interpret the subject with brush in hand, allowing my imagination to select colors & forms. . . Painting is my therapy, my peaceful, creative place, and I treasure that,” says the artist.

ENTRY FEE: $35 for 1, $1 ea. add’l. 

SALES: The Las Laguna Gallery will retain 25% commission on all sales.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more from Las Laguna Gallery!


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