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ARTIST of the DAY: Soteris Sam Roussi

2017 August 9
"We All Had Lightening Rods" & "Nero Could Turn on a Dime" by Soteris Sam Roussi

“We All Had Lightening Rods” & “Nero Could Turn on a Dime” by Soteris Sam Roussi

“I have limitless problems to resolve and discoveries unimagined to uncover.” Soteris Sam Roussi

Inspiration is a stranger to the one not its own.  For some it’s divine.  For some it’s academic.  For some it’s nagging & persistent.  For me, it is fleeting, absent sometimes, for months.  Then, inspiration comes bounding back in multiples faster than I can create.  But today’s AAAD Artist of the Day, Soteris Sam Roussi, has limitless problems to resolve.  Someone once told me to use my anxiety as fuel; that isn’t unlike inspiration as a problem to be solved.  I like it.


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