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ARTIST of the DAY: Jenn Ashton

2017 August 31
"Distraction" (acrylic on paper) by Jenn Ashton

“Distraction” (acrylic on paper) by Jenn Ashton

“I want my paintings to find the naive child & deep down belly laugh that lives inside every person . . .” Jenn Ashton

I have picked up the paintbrush again for the first time in many years in preparation for the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. I had forgotten how physically taxing & the nature of focus that it requires of me. As a result, my work tends to be very serious. I have such respect for artists that bring forth joy on canvas and paper.  Today’s AAAD Artist of the Day, Jenn Ashton aspires to find the belly laugh.  Today, on this day, in this week, month & year, in this decade, I find painting with joy & laughter is among the most noble of pursuits. Thanks, Jenn.

Put a smile on your face & a swell in your heart
with the work of
AAAD Artist of the Day Jenn Ashton!



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