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2017 May 14

Learn more about the LAB8 Art Contest from Malamegi Lab! PASTA perfection

Fettuccine alfredo is the picture of pasta indulgence for many folks, but I have an artery-clogging love for pasta carbonara.  If you haven’t had this egg-y, cheese-y, bacon-y deliciousness, I warn you that one taste could ruin all other pasta for you.  I like a little extra cream and a few sun-dried tomatoes & fresh green peas in mine, but I’m guessing some of you didn’t need to hear anything after bacon, ha.  This next Call includes a shot at an exhibition in Rome, from hence carbonara originates.  Take a look…

Check out this Call for Entries from Malamegi Lab for the Lab.8 Art Contest.  Awards for this contest include an exhibit in Rome, a cash prize, a book & collaborative collection opportunity.  Don’t miss this one…

Learn more about the LAB.8 Art Contest from Malamegi Lab!CALL for ENTRIES:
from Malamegi Lab

ELIGIBILITY:  Open to all artists (int’l)

MEDIA:  Open to drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, graphics, mixed media & video.

DEADLINE:  June 28, 2017

ENTRY FEE:  €40 subscription ($43.46)

AWARDS:  12 artists will be selected for the final exhibition of the competition at the Loft Gallery in Rome.  At the end of the collective exhibition, among the 12 selected, one artist will be awarded a cash prize of €1,000 (~$1086.22 USD).   A collaboration will enable the winning artist will allow the development an entire collection of works which will be advertised & presented to a commercial network. A monographic book will be dedicated to one of the finalists. The monography will be curated by Malamegi Lab with the support of final exhibition’s curators.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more from Malamegi Lab!

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