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CALL for ENTRIES: Tiny Monsters

2017 April 16

Learn more about the Tiny Monsters exhibit from the FE Gallery in Sacramento, CA! gooseBERRIES

Pineapples are showing up in mass at every grocer right now.  I can’t eat enough to take advantage of the availability, so I was contemplating making jelly or jam.  As you may know, pineapple fights the jelling process, so you have to use nearly twice as much pectin to make it work –which defeats the purpose of buying on sale.  Maybe I can freeze the cleaned pineapple and wait for gooseberries come into season.  These little treasures have huge amounts of pectin and can be made into jelly without ANY additional pectin.  This next Call wants your little treasures, but they must be monstrous…

Check out this Call for Entries from FE Gallery (Sacramento, CA) for Tiny Monsters. $20 entry & remember, small works shows generally mean cheaper shipping costs.  Take a look…

Learn more about the Tiny Monsters exhibit from the FE Gallery in Sacramento, CA!CALL for ENTRIES:
Tiny Monsters
from FE Gallery

“. . . show in tribute to the wolf in grandmother’s clothes, to the bump in the night, to the monsters under our beds and to all of your most dangerous creations who lurk in a tiny frame.” — from FE Gallery

ELIGIBILITY:  Open to U.S. artists 18+

MEDIA:  Open to many media, including photography, mixed media, painting, drawing, encaustic, fiber arts, sculpture, etc. Limited to work 12″x12″x12″ or smaller. *Sorry no Video at this time.

DEADLINE:  April 30th , 2017

ENTRY FEE: $20 for 1, $5 ea. add’l

AWARDS:  $500 Best in Show

SALES:  FE Gallery retains 40% commission.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more from the FE Gallery in Sacramento, CA!

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