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ARTIST of the DAY: Kathy Cantwell

2017 March 17
Hidden Life of Stripes 17, encautic, by Kathy Cantwell

Hidden Life of Stripes 17 (encaustic) by Kathy Cantwell

“They wait to be observed. In their numbers,
they are a community of stripedom, standing
together to make their voices count & possibly
overtaking the viewer with their strength.”

Kathy Cantwell

Unlike many curators & jurists, I really love reading artists’ statements.  I live to consume them separately so as not to influence my perception of the work.  I am drawn to geometrics, so when I came across the work of today’s AAAD Artist of the Day, encaustic painter Kathy Cantwell, I was intrigued by the “why” behind the stripes.  I never expected to walk away with a perspective on humanity, on how we are better… together.  Thank you, Kathy.

Investigate the community of stripedom in the work of AAAD Artist of the Day, encaustic painter Kathy Cantwell!


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