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ARTIST of the DAY: Leslie Haines

2017 February 8
"V is for Vampire Bat" (digital collage) by Leslie Haines

“V is for Vampire Bat” (digital collage) by Leslie Haines

“The strength of the vampire is that people
will not believe in him.”
Garrett Fort

I find it is often the monsters of the imagination that delight us as children, but the reality of those monsters sometimes haunt us in adulthood.  The “Animal Abecedary” of today’s AAAD Artist of the Day, Leslie Haines, reminds us that “A” can be for “Apple”, but it can also be for “Alligator”.  Check out the full series!

Revisit the ABCs of good design with today’s
AAAD Artist of the Day, digital artist Leslie Haines!

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