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ARTIST of the DAY: Peter Vial

2017 January 20
Reflections no. 4: Politics(mosaic 56 x 15 x 36 cm) by Peter Vial

Reflections no. 4: Politics (mosaic 56 x 15 x 36 cm) by Peter Vial

“Watch from your gut, listen to your soul” Peter Vial


We are, in total, comprised of the pieces and parts of our experience –both those celebrated and those survived.  The mosaic work of today’s AAAD Artist of the Day Peter Vial speaks to that patchwork in such a visual way.  This work is so relatable, even though some of it is incredibly large.  I bristle at the ubiquitous Nietzsche what-doesn’t-kill-you quote because it typically comes across as condescension or gaslighting, but Vial’s sculpture is a celebration of life, regardless of circumstance. There IS a difference, and I appreciate that sort of optimistic realism.  No unicorns & rainbows.  Thanks, Peter.


Find a map of your own journey in the mosaic work
of AAAD Artist of the Day, Peter Vial!


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