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ARTIST of the DAY: Carrie Mae Smith

2016 December 22
"DuPont Circle Quilt" by Carrie Mae Smith

“DuPont Circle Quilt” by Carrie Mae Smith

“I am interested in re-materializing the sort of objects that history leaves out, utilitarian objects
too common to be recorded or preserved. Historic objects and structures that signify or embody
the evidence of marginalized people who once occupied them.  In this way I engage with concerns
of class, gender and domesticity, through analyzing both forms and their position in society.”
Carrie Mae Smith


So, I opted out of holiday celebrations this year.  I am not feeling particularly Grinch-y; however, it has been a sobering year, and I didn’t feel compelled to fake it.  As a result, I am wading through the unnecessary “cheer ups” & the non-stop recipes for snowflake-shaped confections. I think that it is that very sense of introspection about domesticity and gender that drew me to Carrie Mae Smith, today’s AAAD Artist of the Day.


Discover the value of the discarded & dismissed through
the work of
AAAD Artist of the Day Carrie Mae Smith!



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