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CALL for ENTRIES: We Love People

2016 June 14

Learn more about the We Love People exhibit from Atelier Alen!so so many EGGS

We eat dozens & dozens of eggs each month. It would be easy to assume that when we’re out, we’d avoid them.  That’s not really the case.  I have them fried, over-medium, after late night outings, take them cold & hard-boiled to picnics or on early mornings.  And on my recent stop at Sugar Mama’s, a little bakery/bar combo, in Knoxville, I was treated to “German Eggs”.  Think of it as a fluffy egg bake or like a crustless quiche.  Delicious.  (Funny enough, German tourists suggested we Google “german eggs slang”. Funny.)  This Call hails from Munich, but doesn’t require the inclusion of eggs.  Great international show opportunity…

Check out this Call for Entries from Atelier Alen (Munich) for We Love People. If you’ve been looking for a European show without shipping concerns, this could be the Call for you.  Take a look…

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Learn more about the We Love People exhibit from Atelier Alen!CALL for ENTRIES:
We Love People
from Atelier Alen


“We love People. What is it about them that we like, admire & adore so much? Is it their actions, their words, or just their presence? Personality, shared experiences & situations can all contribute to shaping the feelings that people inspire in us, and the force of love & affection can manifest itself in countless different ways. What is it that we love so much about people? How do these feelings express themselves? And how can we capture this love & transcribe it photographically?” –from

ELIGIBILITY:  Open to all artists

MEDIA: Photography

DEADLINE: July 31, 2016 (if you are outside Munich, please note time differences)

NOTIFICATION:  August 8, 2016

ENTRY FEE: €40 for up to 5 (approx $45USD), €5 ea. add’l (approx. $5.60USD)

SALES:  Alen GmbH retains 49% commission on sales.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more from Atelier Alen!


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