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ARTIST of the DAY: Laurie Freitag

2016 February 8

balls balls BALLS

February is a building month, a building, re-building, structuring, restructuring month for me.  Some of the balls that I am supposed to keep in the air can sit idly on the ground for a few weeks in February while I throw the other balls a little higher hoping they gain air.  That’s the dream —an illusion, really. Most days I feel like all the balls are on the ground, piling up around me.  Today’s AAAD Artist of the Day, Laurie Freitag has clearly been lurking in my psyche. (continues below)

"Balls" by photographer Laurie Freitag

“Balls” by photographer Laurie Freitag

 “‘The Lost Years’, of which ‘Balls’ is a part, focuses on the years before five in which most people cannot remember. I look at photographs of myself before five and see how happy I was and wish I could remember those times. Does the mind remember sad times more than happy times? Was I posing for the camera with a smile? What was real?”


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