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ARTIST of the DAY: Alicia Tormey

2016 February 10


In addition to being the Editor of AAAD, I spend a considerable amount of time consulting with artists individually on branding their work, unifying their message & the philosophical packaging of their work for consumption.  Technology is vehicle that allows delivery of work that is complete in contrast with that very technology.  I appreciate the push to expand my knowledge, to remain relevant, to drag a few artists wit me. Today’s AAAD Artist of the Day, Alicia Tormey finds her own motivation in testing boundaries. (continues below)

"Galaxy" (left) and "Swoon" (right) by Alicia Tormey, encaustic mixed media

“Galaxy” (left) & “Swoon” (right) by Alicia Tormey, encaustic mixed media

“An insatiable curiosity drives me to constantly experiment while testing the boundaries of this medium. The mystery of not knowing what’s going to happen next has the power to hold my attention for long stretches of time. The unpredictable nature of encaustic and the open flame of a torch captivates me and pulls me along for a never ending ride.” —Alicia Tormey


Discover the encaustic paintings of the
Artist of the Day Alicia Tormey!


2 Responses
  1. February 12, 2016

    OH, I am so motivated and inspired. Wonderful work, love her website. Ok, now I want to run away to Seattle. Thank you for sharing.

  2. February 12, 2016

    I am so happy to hear that you are inspired by Alicia’s work… but no running away. Tennessee needs inspired artist like YOU! –R.L. Gibson (Rachel), Editor

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