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ARTIST of the DAY: Adam Flynn

2016 February 9

doing the MATH

In a house with a Music major & an English major, you’d be surprised how of the words “let’s do the math” are uttered.  It is actually a reference to time.  Because our performing careers require extensive preparation & travel, we “do the math” backwards to calculate leave times, load-in times, travel times.  Language is defined by the user.  Sometimes it joins us; sometimes it divides us.  When teaching branding, I like to remind people that art is inclusive but labels like illustration & graphic design are often consider exclusive. Creativity boxed. Today’s AAAD Artist of the Day, Adam Flynn invites you to do the math and appreciate creativity in all its many boxes. (continues below)

from the Glitched series by Adam Flynn

“Colourful pixels are distorted through pixel sorting algorithms to create a unique effect.” —Adam Flynn


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