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ARTIST of the DAY: Stacey Page

2015 December 2


You know that game you play at the airport when you’re bored where you try to tell the story of a complete strangers life as they walk by you on their way to baggage claim or ticketing?  Today’s Artist of the Day , Stacey Page, has found a way to tell the story of random, discard portraits of the people someone loves.    (continues below)

(left to right) Bee & Richard by Stacey Page

(left to right) Bee & Richard by textile artist Stacey Page

As an artist, I am inexplicably drawn to boxes and bins of photos at thrift stores and antique shops.  I always wonder how they got there, who they were, what they meant to the world. But textile artist Stacey Page already KNOWS.  She has discovered their inner demons, secret fantasies, heights & depths –in embroidery floss.  I couldn’t be happier to share her work with you.

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