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ARTIST of the DAY: Liz Huston

2015 December 10

creative ISOLATION

As the new year approaches, I find myself more isolated and in my head as I set goals for the year and contemplate creative direction. Today’s Artist of the Day, Liz Huston captured my inner dialogue with storytellers of her very own.  The pieces below that spoke to me are from a couple of years ago.  But please take the opportunity to look at her new work and find your own story. (continues below)

The Dreamkeepers (left) and Creative Isolation and the Map of Authenticity (right) by Liz Huston!

The Dreamkeepers (left) & Creative Isolation and the Map of Authenticity (right) by Liz Huston!

“I am fascinated with the way memory influences how stories change and evolve over time.  This happens not because the facts change,but because the inner orientation of the storyteller has. Their perspective grows; expanding and contracting with experience. The storyteller journeys us deep into the timeless aspects of the human experience; the kingdoms of love and loss, through grief, resolve, growth and into the balance of purpose… This time traveler, this storyteller, unites the treads of time–leading us home, bringing us back into ourselves.” Liz Huston

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