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CALL for ENTRIES: Billboard Diversity

2015 November 18

Learn more about the Embracing our Differences billboard project!EAT

I ate broccoli at dinner last night. *yawn*  Did you know there are approximately 30,000 edible plants on this planet?  Did you also know that a mere 50 crops make up 90% of the calories consumed?  How did we get so boring?  Diversity is the best part of eating and cooking and consuming (and being for that matter) even if I do forget that when shopping some days.  This next Call is another excellent way to celebrate diversity.  Take a look…

Check out this great Call for Entries for the annual Embracing our Differences billboard project (Sarasota, FL). No entry fee & $3000 in awards. Don’t miss this opportunity…

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Learn more about the Embracing our Differences billboard project!CALL for ENTRIES:
Embracing our Differences


Our goal is to create a community where diversity and inclusion are valued while teaching the importance of being an ‘up-stander,’ not a ‘by- stander’.— from

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all artists

MEDIA: 2-D work including but not limited to photography, digital, collage, drawing, painting, etc.  Remember, if chosen, it will be enlarged to 16′ x 12.5′  or 4.9 m x 3.8m.

THEME:  Enriching lives through diversity

DEADLINE: January 4, 2016 (midnight PST)

NOTIFICATION: Winning selections will be announced online by mid-March, 2016


AWARDS: A total of $3,000 USD in three separate $1,000 awards for Best-in-Show (adult), Best-in-Show (student) & People’s Choice.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more about Embracing our Differences!


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