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ARTIST of the DAY: Amy Friend

2015 November 18

perspective, yes

Get to know artist Amy Friend, our current Artist of the Day.  I struggled to choose what to post because she is, simply, in my head.  This work is both lush & toothsome. (continues below)

My Tangled Perspective by Amy Friend, AAAD Artist of the Day

My Tangled Perspective by Amy Friend

“A pleasure in the discomfort & need for the tension.”
— Amy Friend (from

“My current body of work focuses on a desire for balance and the dichotomy of my life; my desire for adventure and freedom versus a need for security and roots. Illustrating these themes is the current obsession of mine. Using metaphors and abstracts, my work maintains realism in its depiction. The compositions create a graceful struggle and an uncertain balance.”

Learn more about Amy Friend!


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