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CALL for PROPOSALS: Solo Show Opportunity

2015 July 6

Learn more from the Brentwood Arts Exchange about the Call for Exhibit Proposals!DINNER FOR ONE
and one alone

I don’t share well.  I don’t share anything well, but food is the worst.   I am not proud of it.  Maybe it is an only child thing.  I can logically know that a dish will be too much for me, but I will still not agree to share instead.  If I agree to a lets-get-one-of-each-and-share deal, we have to quite literally cut them in half upon arrival & exchange the halves.  Otherwise I spend the meal obsessing about whether or not my husband will eat more than his half.  I fall short of counting french fries–but just barely.  So, my submission to this next Call will likely be a solo one (although my better self sometimes triumphs); however, you are welcome to contemplate sharing.  Take a look…

Check out this Call for Proposals from Brentwood Arts Exchange (Brentwood, MD) for Solo & Group Show Opportunities.  No entry fee & only 25% commission.  Don’t miss this chance…

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Learn more from the Brentwood Arts Exchange about the Call for Exhibit Proposals!CALL for PROPOSALS: 
Solo Show Opportunity


ELIGIBILITY:  Open to all artists

MEDIA:  Open to all media

DEADLINE:  July 31, 2015


JUROR:  Proposals will be reviewed by the Brentwood Arts Exchange staff. Exhibitions will be scheduled based on the goal of presenting diverse exhibitions of artwork of the highest quality and of engaging a broad range of audiences.

AWARDS:  Solo & group exhibitions beginning summer 2016.

SALES:  The M-NCPPC (Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission) will retain a 25% commission on all art works sold during or as a result of the exhibition.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Learn more from the Brentwood Arts Exchange!

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