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CALL for ENTRIES: Art of Brands (Summer)

2015 June 16

Learn more about selling your art from Art of Brands!a soupçon

What would we do without the iconic dishes that everyone likes?  They are frequently soup-related in my house.  Tonight is corn chowder. No matter who ends up at the table, I can cover vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free. This Call is all about iconic art–including food art (even soup). There is likely a way to make this work for you

Check out this Call for Entries from Art of Brands (an AAAD sponsor) for Iconic Images. No entry fee; you could EARN money instead. Take a look…

*Editor’s Note: So many of you have talked to me about selling your work. I really like this option. If you work in 2-D, don’t dismiss this Call. Consider directing some content to suit this purpose. It isn’t for everyone, but I think it is a valid option for some.

"Balancing Act" by Ljuba Stille - Learn more about selling YOUR art from Art of Brands!CALL for ENTRIES:
Art of Brands


ELIGIBILITY: Open to all artists

MEDIA: Open to 2-D work including drawing, painting, illustration, printmaking, photography, digital art, mixed media, etc.

THEME: Favorite interests (cars, cities, kids, gaming, wine, etc.) or specific, iconic brands (i.e. Campbell’s).  Let them know if you have work that you think might fit but isn’t currently represented by one of their categories.

DEADLINE: Ongoing entries wanted

NOTIFICATION: Within 72 hours of completing the sign-up process

ENTRY FEE:  No entry fee

CURATORS: A committee of members with backgrounds in art

SALES: For reproductions (like paper, canvas, di-bond, acrylic/plexi glass) the commission rate is 20%. Art of Brands also sells originals.  Commission for originals is higher & is negotiated individually.  Payments made quarterly.

For complete details, Check out Art of Brands online!

Learn more about selling YOUR art from Art of Brands!*Editor’s Note: If you have read the personal portion of this post, CALL for ENTRIES: Art of Brands (Summer), anywhere other than by email subscription or on, it has been published without permission and is considered theft.

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