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CALL for ENTRIES: Black & White

2015 January 20

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no gray

Cilantro is a polarizing subject in my family.  It is all black and white–absolutely no gray area.  For more than 1/2 of my extended family, cilantro is nausea-inducing at the mere thought.  I, however, cannot imagine life without tomatillo & cilantro salsa.  (It contains nearly equal parts of each.)  I try not to judge them.  When I was younger, I always thought ginger tasted the same as I imagine lemon-scented furniture polish might taste.  Now I love it on nearly anything.  This next Call is an excellent reason to see all of the world in black and white.  You be the judge…

Check out this Call for Entries from (online) for Black & White Photography.  $15 entry, & the prize packages are thoughtful & actually useful.  Take a look

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Black & White Photography


ELIGIBILITY: All artists age 18+

MEDIA: Photography, with or without digital enhancement

THEME: Black and white photography where the photographer’s lens captures a moment in time, a facial gesture, a flicker, reflection, glimpse, movement or expression.  The work can express any aspect from representational to non-representational.

DEADLINE:  February 16, 2015

NOTIFICATION:  February 23, 2015

ENTRY FEE: $15 for 1, $30 for 3, $60 for 7

AWARDS: 1st Place: $500 cash & other awards valued at $5200. 2nd place: $125 cash & other awards valued at $1625. 3rd Place: $75 cash. 4th Place: $50 cash.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

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