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RESIDENCY: Old Furnace

2014 April 10

Learn more about the Old Furnace Artist Residency!FRENCH FRY
hold the ketchup

I’m fascinated by the prospect of using veggie oil as an alternative fuel for powering cars & heating homes.  I’m not ready to jump to the change; however, I do have some fundamental questions.  Are fast food joints going to start get paid for their waste oil? Will traffic jams smell like french fries? What about the pesticides used on the crops from which the oil was processed?  The name of this next Call probably doesn’t indicate the heating source, but we can always hope, right?  Always investigate…

Check out this Ongoing Call from Old Furnace Artist Residency (Virginia) for Summer & Fall Residency opportunities.  No cost application or residency.  You just have to get yourself to Virginia.  Take a look…

*Editor’s Note: If you have read the personal portion of this post, RESIDENCY: Old Furnace, anywhere other than by email subscription or on, it has been published without permission and is considered theft.

Learn more about the Old Furnace Artist Residency!RESIDENCY:
Old Furnace


ELIGIBILITY:  Open to all artists

MEDIA:  Open to all media.  Special attention is given to socially engaged work & social justice causes.

DEADLINE:  Ongoinglink to application


ENTRY FEE:  None.  The residency is at no cost the participating artists but they will need to provide their own transit to Harrisonburg, VA and during the residency. Participating artists are asked to donate one piece of art to the residency in exchange for the room, board, and food.

AWARDS:  Residencies can last anywhere from 1 day to 1 month. If desired, Jon will assist in hosting some sort of public event like an exhibition, talk, workshop, lecture, dinner party, or some type of happening.  Creative space is limited but assistance will be given as needed.

*Editor’s Note:  This residency is a personal home. I waited to give the program time to mature before publishing.  As always, do your homework; however, I am now comfortable suggesting artists apply.

For complete details, visit Old Furnace online!

Learn more about the Old Furnace Artist Residency!


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