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ARTIST to LOVE: David Phillips Hodge

2013 December 20

Peek-a-Boo, I See You

Say “Hello” to our newest Artist to Love

David Phillips Hodge
Yellow Mountain, Acrylic Painting by David Phillips Hodge
Yellow Mountain
HODGE began his art career at age 18 at Missouri State Univ. Afterward, he headed to NY to pursue filmmaking at NYU. For 30 years, David ran his own production co., producing & directing everything from campaign spots to music videos. David won numerous awards--2 Emmys, 3 Cine Golden Eagles & a Monitor Award. While in NYC, he also directed Off Broadway theatre. David has returned to painting & is exploring emotion evoked through line, shape & color. His work lies at the intersection of color field painting & representational art & how they co-exist within the same canvas.


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