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CALL for ENTRIES: Art via Post

2013 October 15

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I write a whole lot of crap about food.  Most of it is just an off the cuff note about whatever is going on in my kitchen. But it is NEVER meant as a judgment about the way YOU eat. One of FB friends updated her status yesterday with a comment about how people who eat cheese, fruit and veggies cold, as opposed to room temp, have clearly given up on life and are just eating garbage.  Really?  I am sorry my cold strawberry has flagged me as a useless garbage eater.  So, I want to be clear.  No judgement from me.  Do I want you to eat creme-filled snack cakes? No.  Do I love you any less for it?  No, I’m just a little jealous.  This next Call is an for an all hung exhibit.  No judgement there either…

Check out this Call for Entries from Art via Post for a Mail Art exhibit, book and website.  There is no entry fee, and it is all hung.  If mail art doesn’t excite you, think of it as a way to work through your artist block.  Don’t miss this chance to participate…

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Learn more about ArtViaPost online!CALL for ENTRIES:
Art via Post


Art via Post is a project that brings together international artists of all ages and types who send art in the form of mail.  The envelope or package becomes the art itself.  The envelope is the canvas.  Some artists incorporate the mailing address and stamp in their work, others use the blank side as their work space.  Medium types include Illustrators, calligraphers, paper artists, graffiti artists and stencilers  among others.  Anything goes.  The message is up to the sender.

ELIGIBILITY:  Open to all artists

MEDIA:  Mail Art

DEADLINE:  June 1, 2014 postmarked

NOTIFICATION:  None.  This is an all hung exhibit

AWARDS:  Be a part of the exhibit, the book & get a link back to your website from theirs.

For complete details, Read the Full Call! 

Learn more about ArtViaPost online!

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