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CALL for ENTRIES: Eye on the Street

2013 July 14

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Eating in the car is dangerous.  Don’t get me wrong; I’ve done my share of car consumption.  The back floorboard of my car looks like a fast food trash can sometimes.  But on my way home yesterday, I watched a young woman t-bone a truck with her compact car while munching on a burger.  Her view seemed blocked by the wax paper wrapper.  I’m just saying, “Be careful out there.”   This next Call is another reason to keep your eyes on the street.  Great show…

Check out this Call for Entries for Eye on the Street from the Kiernan Gallery (Lexington, Virginia). The entry is very reasonable.  The theme is fun, and the juror is active and easily researched. Take a look…

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Learn more about the Kiernan Gallery!CALL for ENTRIES:
Eye on the Street


Street photographers are guerrilla documentarians. They capture the world as they see it, using small and forgotten moments to present a larger narrative. Themes of class, age, occupation, or background are brought to life by small stories that evoke our shared humanity.

The keen eyes of street photographers see what others take for granted, and depict the richness and variety of our public lives. For Eye on the Street, The Kiernan Gallery seeks street photography in all its forms.

The Reflection of Desire by Juror John N Wall!ELIGIBILITY:
Open to all artists

All photographic media are encouraged.

July 25, 2013

Approx. 8 days later

5 for $25, each add’l $5

JUROR: John N Wall is a photographer and educator from Raleigh, NC. A native of North Carolina, he is a member of the faculty at NC State University. He has exhibited his work in solo and group shows across North Carolina and the South, and has won numerous awards in regional and national competitions. His work has been supported by grants from the United Arts Council of Wake County.

Wall holds a Certificate in Documentary Photography from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. Wall maintains Southern Photography: The Blog about Fine Art Photography in the American South, named one of the 100 Best Sites for Photographers in 2013 by the folks at

Learn more from The Kiernan Gallery!AWARDS: All images will be reproduced in an exhibition catalogue available for purchase. A Juror’s Choice and Director’s Choice will also be announced and both winners will receive a free copy of the catalogue.

SALES: Kiernan Gallery no longer takes commission on sold works. But, they DO still have incentive to sell your work. The Kiernan Gallery was founded by an emerging artist, and recognizes the importance of selling work; they believe that if artists are paying a submission fee, the gallery should not also take a portion of the sale. They do reserve the right to negotiate 20% in order to make a sale.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Read the full call from The Kiernan Gallery website!

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