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2013 March 22

Learn more about photographer Laurie McCormick!IT’S RAINING it’s pouring

Over the years, I have only chosen two photographers’ work to feature–one of them last month. When it rains it pours.  The photographic entries have been pouring in like Morton’s salt.  Someone get me an umbrella; April’s coming.  This month, it is 28° outside as I write this post, and I was just hoping to find a little Spring, a little humor, a little optimism.  Somehow, I tripped across a breath of Spring in landscapes and an edgy sense of humor in miniature.

On behalf of AAAD, I am proud to announce this month’s Featured Artist is Laurie McCormick.  I always appreciate a spoonful of sugar over vinegar.  There are lessons to be learned from these delicate little scenes.  Enjoy

Learn more about Featured Artist Laurie McCormick!FEATURED ARTIST:
Laurie McCormick

Photography has always been a hobby for Laurie McCormick.  She attended photography classes at various colleges on the East and West Coast, and they helped her to hone in on her artistic side and to help mold what would become her unique photographic techniques.

It wasn’t until she purchased her digital Canon 5D that her photography became much more serious.  In early 2006, McCormick began traveling with other photographers to various destinations both domestically and internationally.  While capturing the essence of each destination, she discovered…

She was most at home behind the camera.


The Cheerios Affair by Featured Artist Laurie McCormick!Why photography  “I am a very visual person and love to tell stories with pictures.  Growing up, I have always had a camera and have taken pictures.  It was a way to escape my hostile, unsettling childhood. It became some sort of therapy for me to escape the ugliness of my home life and take pictures of my friends and beautiful images all around me.  One thing that struck me as an adult, there were very few pictures of my family growing up.  I think I have one baby picture of me and 4-5 pictures of me with my sister and one brother in either an Easter outfit, or visiting my Aunt Helen, or Aunt Betty.”

Photography by Featured Artist Laurie McCormick!Are you self-taught photographer or were you formally instructed?  And what’s your preference–film or digital?  “Yes I am self taught, plus sprinkle in several individual photography classes that I have taken over the years here and there at Mass College of Art, Santa Monica College and the Julia Dean Photo Workshops.  I started with Film and turned to Digital in 2006 with my Full Frame Canon 5D.”

When shooting landscape, what draws you to a specific scene? “I love how the light continuously changes a landscape.  We bring all of ourselves and all that we have experienced in our lives to a landscape, so the beauty we see actually comes from within.  The challenge is to capture what we are experiencing inside us.”

Photography is a silent, lone craft.


The subject matter, whether it be a landscape, person, building, is part of you being captured. That is why no two images will ever be identical.  It is always personal.”  We are featuring the miniatures, but you can glimpse McCormick’s landscapes here.

Part of the Family Secrets series by Laurie McCormick!Talk to me about the miniatures.  There are definitely statements being made with the most innocent of scenes.  “‘I found my calling in photographing meaningful scenes with my miniatures about 3 years ago.  A guest speaker in a photography class said, ‘Photograph what you love and where you are.’   A light bulb went off in my head.  I love miniatures, yet mine had been stuffed away in my closets for years.  Freeing them immediately brought me tremendous joy.

“I combined some of my miniatures with the painful memories of my childhood.  As an adult I realized that my need to collect miniatures gave me some sense of control over the chaotic and turbulent atmosphere I was raised in as a child. I witnessed intense fighting, hatred, anger, alcoholism, verbal and mental abuse along with molestation and exploitation at a very young age; all of these of course, were our Family Secrets.

Part of the Family Secrets series by Laurie McCormick!“I set up scenes that were very difficult to create because of the feelings attached to them, but the process and the feedback was very healing for me.  After putting the PAST behind me, the next series that evolved allowed me the freedom to express my present day life coupled with my sense of humor.”

What style of art do I find unbearable to own?  “Velvet framed pictures. I was engaged in the late 1970’s to someone who delved into a financial venture of buying Velvet Art Pictures.  It was a fad back then, and needless to say, it went no where except South.” Yes, Laurie, it did come down here.  Everyone needs a velvet Elvis.

Part of the Family Secrets series by Laurie McCormick!You know we have to talk about food. What is your favorite? “Grilled salmon–bar none. I can eat salmon every day because it tastes delicious and is good for my cholesterol. My favorite side sauces?  Southwest Fire Roasted Salsa, Fresh Mango Salsa or Pineapple Salsa.”   Mix the mango and pineapple salsas and you’ll never go back.

What about snack foods? “Blueberries.  My cat Peaches surreptitiously sneaks onto my counter while the blueberries are soaking and steals just one blueberry.   She chases her new find until the blueberry is squished.  Sad.   This repeats every time I have blueberries for my snack.  Blueberries are good for me, and ensure I start every day with a little laughter.”   Salmon and blueberries.  You’re a great role model for my current take-25-punds-off-my-rear project.  Thank you!

Photography by Featured Artist Laurie McCormick!So, what’s coming up next for you? “I am constantly taking images both with my iPhone 5 & my Canon 5D Mark II, so new work is always popping up and being published. Also, I want to teach and publish books on my work.  My major at Boston College was Psychology, so I feel this would be a great niche for me.  Also, I would love to teach classes on how to use the iPhone to make great captures & how to post process them to both Adult Ed & in High Schools.”

Thanks, Laurie, for a breath of Spring and a little humor therapy

Learn more about Laurie McCormick online!

Learn more about Featured Artist Laurie McCormick!

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