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CALL for ENTRIES: Alive and Well

2013 March 2

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stands alone

Nothing can compare to hand-crafted cheeses.  Whether is is fresh-pulled mozzarella or organic, farm fresh goat cheese, there is simply nothing in the world like it.  The craft, although not frequently practiced, has vastly improved in the past 20 years while other big box manufacturers are creating more and more automated processes.  This next Call is sort of the photography equivalent of hand-crafted cheese.  Is this one for you?

Check out this Call for Entries from Brass & Bellows (Marine on St. Croix, MN) for Alive and Well, a silver gelatin emulsion photography show. The entry fee is a rare offer, and the commission is only 20%. Don’t miss this opportunity to show at Brass & Bellows…

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Learn more from Brass and Bellows!CALL for ENTRIES:
Alive & Well

“There is a growing misconception that traditional analog photography is dying. I’m not referring to alternative process, either. I am talking SILVER GELATIN.  Remember when you were little and you would see in the movies or on TV, that guy in his little red lit room, with pieces of paper hanging on lines and trays of weird liquids.  My favorite was the little tongs, like gently saving something fragile from drowning in a sea of chemistry.

“Or, recall the first thrill of watching an image appear on a blank sheet of paper, soaked in that secret solution that brought the image to life as if it had been drawn with magic ink, and you alone knew the spell to free it. Oh no, traditional photography is far from dying, in fact, silver gelatin has seen very interesting things happen to it, perhaps spurred on by the sense of freedom and experimentation motivated by the rebirth of historic process.” — from

Learn more from Brass and Bellows!ELIGIBILITY:
Open to all artists

MEDIA:  Photography:  chemigrams, lumen prints, pinholes, lith prints, straight forward B&W prints, solarography, or paper negatives (or prints from paper negs).  Any subject matter is acceptable, as long as the majority of the final image in produced using silver gelatin emulsion.

DEADLINE:  April 1, 2013

NOTIFICATION:  10 days after deadline

ENTRY FEE: Pay what you can.  Editor’s Note: I cannot express how rare this is.

AWARDS: The gallery director will select 30 – 40 images to be included in the show.

SALES: Brass & Bellows will retain 20% commission.

For complete details, Read the Full Call!

Read the Full Call from Brass and Bellows!

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