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2012 ARTIST of the YEAR: Stephanie Mead

2013 January 8

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Today marks another year for! And, I am running a little late again, but I at least I’m getting it done before Chinese New Year (February 10th this year).   I am joyfully looking forward to a new year.  2012 was a really tough year for me personally.  But, 2012 had some wonderful food highlights including pesto made from home-grown basil from my newly-planted garden as well as highlights for AAAD, including this one…

This is the day we name the
Artist of the Year for 2012.


When AAAD began in 2009, I was determined to cover art deadlines and really good ART. And, after I chose a few artists, I quickly realized that the Featured Artist program needed structure, or it would never really get done on any sort of regular basis. The $5 Art Contest was born.

Mixed Media by 2013 Featured Artist of the Year Stephanie Mead!The Featured Artist Page was getting crowded and adding each new artist was lessening the impact of being Featured.  I knew I had to start archiving artists yearly.  And, the idea of the Artist of the Year was born.

I now give all of our Featured Artists each year notice that on December 31st at midnight EST, the Artist of the Year would be determined by the number of comments on their individual Featured Artist blog posts.

Congratulations to
Stephanie Mead,
AAAD’s 2012 Artist of the Year

I followed up with Stephanie to find out what’s new:  “I try to balance my art and my music and my cooking (I just made another batch of chili yesterday in between preparing a submission for a fellowship in Music through New York Foundation of the Arts)The Sullied Accolades are gaining happy success in our musical career; this year we have completed an in-home recording booth and are getting much use out of it. Additionally, our music video project was screened at the 2012 Coney Island Film Festival in Brooklyn.

2012 Artist of the Year Stephanie Mead!“In the meantime, my large, mixed media, octopus piece is out on our main wall, reaching towards anyone that walks by.  She is almost finished (a long, on-going project because of the scale!), and I felt compelled after Hurricane Sandy to pick up bits of paper from the streets and insert pieces of fishing route/Manhattan waterway maps as the octopus tentacles…

“As I gain more experiences in life, the more complex and refined my art has become. I look forward to keep pushing forward. I am happy to be an artist in this life, it is my calling. I am excited for all opportunities that are coming my way.”

I have enjoyed getting to know Stephanie this year.  I found a kindred artist and musician in Stephanie, and her work spoke to both my frustration AND my optimism.  Thank you, Stephanie, for being a highlight of the AAAD year!  Get to know Stephanie Mead yourself.

Do you want to be the 2013 Artist of the Year?
It all starts with the $5 Art Contest.

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